The team led by Lucas Mondelo will play in the Andalusian city its next two matches of the Tour against Nigeria (Thursday 3, 9:00 p.m.) and Belgium (Saturday 5, 8:00 p.m.). Antonio de Torres, president of the FAB and vice president of the FEB, has welcomed the team at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes Vista Alegre.


After a few days of rest, the Women’s Selection The second phase of preparation for the EuroBasket in Valencia (June 17-27) has already started. Spain will start in Cordova this new part of the Tour. Lucas Mondelo’s team will work throughout the week in the Andalusian city, which will see for the first time in its history two Women’s matches: the Thursday 3 (9:00 pm) against Nigeria and Saturday 5 (8:00 pm) against Belgium. Both games will be broadcast live on Teledeporte.

During these days, Lucas Mondelo will work with 15 players awaiting the next incorporation of Astou Ndour. The group of internationals is made up of: Silvia Domínguez, Laia Flores, Cristina Ouviña, Laia Palau, Maite Cazorla, Queralt Casas, Leo Rodríguez, María Conde, Alba Torrens, Laura Quevedo, Raquel Carrera, Paula Ginzo, Laura Gil, Tamara Abalde and Nogaye Lo.

The National Team completed its first training session this afternoon at the Vista Alegre Sports Municipal Palace. Before this first session, the team received a visit from Antonio de Torres, President of the Andalusian Basketball Federation (FAB) and Vice President of the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB).

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