The Spanish National Team has headed to Valencia after holding the official presentation of the team at the Endesa headquarters in Madrid. The event had the participation of the players summoned for the Preparation Tour of the Women’s EuroBasket 2021, as well as the coaching staff that leads Lucas Mondelo.

The event was attended by the Minister of Culture and Sports, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes, the president of the FEB; Jorge Garbajosa, the deputy mayor of the Madrid City Council, Begoña Villacís, Y Endesa’s General Director of Communication, Ignacio Jiménez;

The act, led by Tresco Y Atiga, presenters of the Time Out program, was attended by the 17 players summoned by Lucas Mondelo: Laia Flores, Raquel Carrera, Maite Cazorla, Paula Ginzo, Nogaye Lo, Laura Quevedo, María Conde, Tamara Abalde, Queralt Casas, Leticia Romero, Astou Ndour (to be incorporated later), Leo Rodríguez, Cristina Ouviña, Laura Gil, Alba Torrens, Silvia Domínguez and Laia Palau.

The captain assured that “With the two consecutive golds we have fulfilled the story. We play at home, we are very excited and we will fight to reach our roof. The results will come. “ Alba Torrens assured that “It is a special year, because for me it is to return to the national team. Illusion is the word and what moves us all. We are going to give the best of ourselves, and that ensures that we compete. “

The coach Lucas Mondelo assured that “You have a hard time making the list, but that’s good for Spanish women’s basketball. Here we see the present, but there is also a lot of future. ” Regarding the double challenge of the European and the Games, he stated that “On a physical level, I am convinced that it will go well, and you have to work on your mind. We can turn history into legend and that will be the motivation. “

The event also served to promote the Basket Girlz program, an Endesa project to analyze the causes of the abandonment of the players prematurely. After saying goodbye in the capital, the national team faces an exciting challenge in which the objective is none other than prolonging a decade of success in which the Women’s National Team has won four consecutive European medals.

Jorge Garbajosa: “This team has broken its own limits”

The president of the FEB assured that “this Championship is special, because it is played at home, because we can get another medal, but above all because in a pandemic time to be able to have the leaders of Spanish women’s basketball for three months in the showcase. Something that is the best way to give visibility to the sport we love. Three months of enthusiasm to enjoy a team that has broken its own limits ”.

Ignacio Jiménez: “We want to reach society through basketball”

Endesa’s General Director of Communication welcomed the attendees and assured that “we like to say that we are the basketball company in Spain and today we are showing it again. We want to transmit our energy to you. We are in a complicated year and a year of challenges. We want to go one step further, and reach society through basketball, with initiatives like Basket Girlz. We wish you all the luck in the world for a very intense summer. “

Jose Manuel Rodríguez Uribes: “You are a reason for hope, back to normality.”

The Minister of Culture and Sports also spoke of illusion and stated that “there are elements for hope, the first is vaccination, but there are qualitative elements, and a reason for returning to normality is to support the Women’s National Team in a new challenge in its successful story. You are now a focus of light in this difficult pandemic situation. Sport is a right of citizens, but it is also an industry, which generates wealth. You are that kind of white diplomacy that you are known all over the world. “

Begoña Villacís: “We want you to be a reference for all girls”

The deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, closed the event and pointed out that “I want to ask you to win. I know you’ve had a very tough season. I am the mother of three daughters and you do not know to what extent you have been important to them. I want you to think about those girls who play sports in difficult moments and that we want them to continue doing so. We are proud of you and we want you to be a reference for these girls. “