In a competition like the Copa de la Reina, it is usually the big stars who monopolize the spotlight, but it is always important to take a look at the young talent that on this occasion has had a leading role. Several players under the age of 24 have made their cup debut this weekend in Valencia. Some have done it with a leading role, others with fewer minutes, but what has become clear is that the MVP’s of future Cups are already under construction.

1.Laia Raventós (Cadi La Seu, 1997)

The regular season of Laia Raventós has given a lot to talk about and it is not for less since the Catalan base has taken off in this course at the hands of the Urge team. In her Cup debut, the player spent 27 minutes on court in which she scored 5 points, grabbed 3 rebounds and distributed 3 assists for a total of 4 PIR credits.

2. Montse Brotons (Cadi La Seu, 1998)

After the good staging that the center from Alicante made in LF Endesa last year at the hands of Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre, Brotons continues to settle in the category taking steps forward like the one he took in the quarterfinal match of this Copa de la Queen. His debut left statistics of 5 points, 1 rebound and 2 assists in 10 minutes on the court, which placed him in the 8 valuation credits.

4. Iho López (SPAR Girona, 1997)

The national center did not have minutes in the semifinals, nor in the final, but she participated with good numbers in the quarterfinals of her team against Movistar Estudiantes. In ten minutes on the court, he scored 2 points, grabbed 4 rebounds and made a block that places him in the 5 PIR.

5. Begoña de Santiago (Movistar Students, 2002)

The defeat of Movistar Estudiantes in the quarterfinals was tough, but Begoña de Santiago brought out her youth squad pride by not giving up despite the wide distance that SPAR Girona had achieved on the scoreboard. His exit to his court gave a point of intensity to theirs and he finished his performance with 7 points and 1 rebound for a PIR of 6.

6. Lorena Segura (Valencia Basket, 2000)

Last season he was equipped with the taronja box but he did not have minutes on the track. In this edition, the Valencian forward played 9 minutes of the quarterfinals in which he scored 4 points and although he had less prominence in the semifinals, it is without a doubt an external change of quality for coach Rubén Burgos.

7. Claudia Contell (Valencia Basket, 2003)

The Valencia Basket academy is already bearing fruit and one of its most valued projects is undoubtedly that of Claudia Contell. The junior player has finished the tournament with an average of 8 minutes on the court, 2.5 points and a PIR of 2.5 between the quarters and the semifinals.

8. Awa Fam (Valencia Basket, 2005)

Awa Fam stars in one of the stories of this Copa de la Reina and it is that the taronja player lifted the Minicopa trophy in Salamanca (2020) and only two years later she made her debut in the Cup participating in the interior rotation of Valencia. She had 6 minutes of play in the quarterfinals, while in the semis against SPAR Girona she was a minute and a half on court.

9. Zoe Hernandez (Casademont Zaragoza, 2001)

It seems that we have been seeing Zoe Hernández in the elite for many years, but this foreigner from Aragon is from the 2001 generation and has already achieved an important achievement in her career with this debut in the Copa de la Reina. With five minutes on the court, Hernández was a quality outside rotation to make up for the significant loss of one of the Casademont Zaragoza leaders, Anna Cruz. Along with Hernández, another young debutant from the Aragonese team was Cristina Villamor (2001), who was on court for 2 minutes.