The European Champions are already home

7/17/2022 – 2:07 PM

The U20F has arrived this morning at Madrid Barajas airport with the European Cup of Champions. “With a lot of work, community, distributing efforts and minutes we have built it all”, said the Coach Rubén Burgos.

They arrived tired, but above all happy and excited. This is how we received the European Champions of the U20F National Team at T4 of the Madrid airport, where they arrived this morning with the Cup and with their medals hanging.

claudia contell, the MVP of the competition, pointed out that “they arrived very answered after all the work done” and about her MVP she assures that “it is not only mine, it belongs to everyone; in the end we have supported each other”.

Words of happiness that he also transferred Begona from Santiago: “This Gold belongs to all those who have passed through here, including the 4 players who have not attended the championship. I am very happy with the staff and with all the players because we have worked a lot since July 1”.

Of the 4 players who did not remain among the final 12, the Coach also agreed Ruben Burgos who also pointed out the keys to this success: “Very happy with how the championship went and how the concentration went. I think this generation deserved a medal. With a lot of work, community, sharing efforts and minutes we have built everything”.

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