The 16 teams LF Endesa participants have hurried their preparation in the last preseason weekend in which the excitement of returning to competition has already been felt. This September 25, the curtain opens on a new season and the 16 participating teams face the start of the league with great ambition.

In the LF Endesa Super Cup disputed last weekend the three best teams of the past campaign, Perfumerías Avenida, SPAR Girona and Valencia Basket, and the host, Tenerife, were able to measure themselves in a high-level competition.

The Taronja team was champion and therefore, they start the course as the main team to beat, but also the rest due to the high degree of competitiveness they demonstrated during the event.

Beyond this tournament, the other 12 teams that will start the LF Endesa this September 25 have taken advantage of the last weekends to get ready for the competition. Most teams played the regional cups of their respective communities in which there were clashes between squads that participate in the first national league.

The two newly promoted have eagerly faced their respective tournaments. The Innova-TSN Leganés he beat Movistar Estudiantes in the LF Endesa Tournament organized by the FBM. For his part, BAXI Ferrol beat the Duran Ensino Machinery in a home run in which the Celta Zorka Recalvi from LF Challenge and the Marists Coruña of LF2.

In the Basque Country, the three representatives of the community also took part in the Euskal Kopa organized on September 11 and 12. The Lointek Gernika Bizkaia he was champion of the appointment after beating the Kutxabank Araski and to IDK Euskotren. These two teams also faced each other, with the San Sebastian team winning.

That same weekend, the Cadí La Seu they were champion of the Catalonia Cup by beating SPAR Girona, while Tenerife won the Canary Islands Government Cup by beating the basket average at SPAR Gran Canaria in a round trip appointment, where each team won when they were a visitor.

The Pajariel Bembibre Sausages He also played his Autonomous Cup and found two defeats, against the Perfumeries Avenida and the Recoletos Zamora. For his part, Casademont Zaragoza and the Campus Promises were measured twice


LF Endesa Super Cup

Perfumerías Avenida vs. Spar Girona (61-63)

Tenerife vs. Valencia Basket (58-68)

Valencia Basket vs. Perfumerías Avenida (81-63)

Galicia Cup

BAXI Ferrol vs Durán Maquinaria Ensino (68-61)

LF Endesa FBM Tournament

Movistar Estudiantes vs Innova-TSN Leganés (56-58)

Euskal Kopa

Kutxabank Araski-Lointek Gernika Bizkaia (58-72)

IDK Euskotren vs Kutxabank Araski (65-61)

Lointek Gernika Bizkaia vs IDK Euskotren (60-52)

Catalan League AON 2021

Cadí La Seu vs SPAR Girona (68-65)

Canary Islands Government Cup

Tenerife vs SPAR Gran Canaria (52-59)

SPAR Gran Canaria vs Tenerife (61-76)

Castilla y León Cup

Perfumerías Avenida vs Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre (79-43)

Campus Promete vs Casademont Zaragoza (54-58)

Casademont Zaragoza vs Campus Promete (63-69)