ANDl Real Madrid qualified to play the final of the Endesa League, something that would not be news (he had disputed eight of the last nine) if it weren’t for the accumulation of adversity that has haunted him throughout the season in the form of injuries and departure of players to the NBA. They left Campazzo Y Deck, headlines at the beginning of the campaign, and the team survived without anyone arriving to take its place.

Earlier, the Achilles had KOed Randolph, another starter, for the whole season, and in the final stretch of the season Thompkins said goodbye after undergoing knee arthroscopy. For the first came Tyus, which has happened with more pain than glory. For the second the canterano Vukcevic (18 years).

Sergio Llull celebrates a basket against Valencia.

And in between, injuries of Tavares (Poirier arrived to help with the painting after bursting the Cape Verdean, hypersaturated for minutes), Rudy, Garuba, positive for covid-19 of Abalde Y Kings, and low due to muscular problems of Laprovittola Y Llull. Another kid Nunez (17 years old) was the patch for the second game against him Valencia. If I hadn’t reappeared LlullWe were still talking about a different finalist. And not because of the kid.

Not a single excuse from the team all season

Any other team in the world that had suffered so much misfortune would be on vacation long ago. The Real Madrid, not. No one will have heard not a single excuse of any member of the staff, having an alibi for it. Before the sticks they do not cry, they bite, although sometimes they do not even have teeth to sink or they have milk for their homegrown to be in the picture. Does not matter. With their clothes on, they rolled up their sleeves and took the Efes, European champion, to the fifth game in an epic quarter-final series in which they caressed the miracle after coming back from 2-0.

Pablo Laso gives instructions to his players during the third semi-final match against Valencia.

And now with an empty gas tank (They have played 85 games this season, a club record) have bent the Valencia in the semifinals. Whatever happens in the east end Real Madrid is already the champion in resilience. The title that was missing Pablo Laso, the soul that has endowed this team with a infinite ability to overcome adverse circumstances. OR at least not to surrender to them. An indomitable team.

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