He is one of the best scorers in the LEB Gold League in which he is now in his fifth season. Quite an achievement that could be explained through the great capacity for work that has led him to be one of the most coveted shooting guards in the Competition and that Thomas Bropleh justifies through a very different factor.

Because for the North American player, his origins in the town of Denver are the key that explains his being in the category. A stage that he still remembers fondly and that he is very present in the Covirán Granada shirt through his number 3 number.

A number extracted from the 303 that makes up the “Area Code” of the State of Colorado in which he grew up as a child and which he has very present in his day to day.

The best possible motivation for a player capable of putting a significant emotional load on his game and for whom the spell of the Nasrid capital begins to be very present every time the ball passes through his hands.

Feelings that explain his commitment to a squad that is the provisional leader of a LEB Gold League in which the most immediate challenge will be trying to take the Princess of Asturias Cup to the Palacio de los Deportes.

Thomas Bropleh: “To seek promotion you must build game by game”

With the peace of mind that only being the leader of the qualifying table can bring, shooting guard Thomas Bropleh is usually the best thermometer when it comes to calibrating the moment in which his Covirán Granada is. For this reason, at this point in the season, the outside player is one of the most authoritative voices in the locker room when it comes to intuiting the outcome of an exciting campaign.

Thomas, it seems that the Covirán Granada season has not started badly at all…

“Well, if I’m honest, I think last year we did one thing very well as a team and that was being able to face the season from day to day. Things went well for us that way and that’s why this year we wanted to build our identity as a team from that starting point. The team trains in the right way, does a good job and that translates into the results that we are seeing in each game and that are nothing more than the fruits of our work”.

It shouldn’t be easy seeing the level that teams like Movistar Estudiantes, Unicaja Oviedo or even Bàsquet Girona are reaching since the arrival of Marc Gasol

“Yes, but experience has taught us that this League is not a piece of cake but rather a very competitive competition. You can face it thinking about who your rivals might be when it comes to fighting for promotion and focusing on those teams, but if you do, you’re making a mistake since in the LEB Oro every game is important. Each match has its difficulties regardless of the rival’s classification and we are knowing how to deal with them, having found a very important balance when trying to prevent the rivals from surprising us”.

Has this sixth wave of Covid greatly affected the paths of the teams? Has it been noticed on a day-to-day basis?

“Undoubtedly, because the moment an external factor appears that forces you to stop, you have to change some things on the fly. Much to our regret, it is a factor from which no one is exempt and the proof is that we have come to see a day in which all matches had to be postponed, something that we could not have imagined… But I think that at one point like this you can’t do anything but wish all the players and teams the best of health so that we can play as safely as possible and with the support of our fans”.

Perhaps in a few days you can be celebrating the first success of the season. Can we already talk about the illusion of a Princess Cup in Granada or do we remain cautious for now?

“Well, even at this point in the season, our mentality is still one of taking things game by game, but it’s no secret that a Princess Cup in Granada could be really special. It would be for the club, it would be for us as teams, but above all, it would be for our fans who would surely enjoy it a lot. Let’s see what happens in the next games and time will tell…”.

We talk about the Cup because of the moment of the season in which we find ourselves, but after what we experienced last year, many point to you as one of the favorites for promotion…

“We were so close to achieving it that it still hurts to think about it… But I think that third game against the Breogán River taught us a very valuable lesson, how 40 minutes can separate you from what you have fought for and leave in the end I forget the work you have done throughout 10 months of routine. It is something that hurts, but it helps you get up, turn the page and keep trying again with the help of that valuable experience. Now it is still a distant goal, but one for which we know we have to continue working on a day-to-day basis”.

What seems clear is that, after a season in Seville and two in Granada, Thomas Bropleh seems to have put down roots in Andalusia…

“I think Andalusia has always treated me well and maybe that weighed on my decision to stay here this season. Granada is a great city to live in because, beyond your love of basketball, you have snow-capped mountains and a beach within 45 minutes. There are incredible landscapes, an excellent climate, a lot of culture… In short, it is a great place to live and enjoy basketball”.

Precisely your bib number 3 says a lot about how you identify with places. What can you tell us about your choice?

“When I started playing I did it with the 8 and with the 24 for Kobe Bryant and, once I reached the university, I started doing it with the 15 for Carmelo Anthony. From there came the first experiences away from home, the distance… And when I arrived in Seville to play for Real Betis I decided to keep the number 3 as a tribute to Colorado since its postal code is 303. Somehow, that number 3 takes me to where I’m from, to the city and state that have helped me become who I am today as a player and as a person.”

So, maybe one day we will see you wear 18 in the Endesa League as a tribute to the postal code of the city of Granada…

“I play for and for the team and to try to help them achieve their goals. Hopefully in the near future this club can fulfill its dream of being in the Endesa League and I can enjoy it with them, but you already know my philosophy and, right now, I don’t want to think much beyond that next match against Cáceres. It’s going to be a very complicated match and one in which we’re going to need all our energy to be able to get the victory”.

season stats – Thomas Bropleh:

Games played: 15
Minutes: 28.11
Points: 14.9
Rebounds: 3.9
Assists: 2.3
Recoveries: 0.7
Plugs: 0.2
Fouls received: 3.1
Rating: 14.4

sports career -Thomas Bropleh:

Training: George Washington High School (Denver -USA)
2010/14: Boise State University(NCAA – USA)
2014/15: Finke Basket Paderborn (ProA – Germany)
2015/16: Texas Legends (DL – USA)
2016/17: FC Porto Ferpinta (LPB-Portugal)
2016/17: Cafes Candelas Breogán (LEB Gold)
2017/18: ASC Denain-Voltaire PH (Pro B – France)
2018/19: Real Betis Energy Plus (LEB Gold)
2019/20: B the travel Brand Mallorca-Palma (LEB Gold)
2020/22: Coviran Granada (LEB Gold)