ANDhe Real Madrid Basketball will no longer have Thomas Heurtel and Trey Thompson after announcing that he has separated both players from the club’s discipline and they are already looking for a way out before the end of this season. A situation that surprised everyone due to the suddenness of its explosion but for which the reasons that have led the white team to dispense with both players are already known.

Heurtel and Thompkins: the reasons for their ‘punishment’

The French base and the American power forward have been punished for party hours before facing Panathinaikos in the clash corresponding to the penultimate day of the regular phase of the Euroleague and in which the Real Madrid ended up losing 87-86 in a heart-stopping finale at the OAKA.

Thomas Heurtel and Trey Thompkins left the hotel and went out partying the day before the match between Panathinaikos and Real Madrid. According to the Greek news agency SDNA, both players they returned when it was already morning and a few hours before the duel of the maximum continental competition began.

Heurtel and Trey is my decision. My obligation as a coach is to identify the problem. The two players no longer train with the team and it is a technical decision

Paul Laso

A match in which both players were also protagonists on the pitch. Thompkins played 21 minutes in which he scored eight points (two of four from the triple), grabbed two rebounds and gave two assists. For your part the French point guard played 19 minutes and was the team’s top scorer with 18 points (four of four from the triple) to which he added four rebounds and four turnovers.

Despite the fact that their performance was optimal on the pitch, the lack of discipline of both players at a key moment of the season for the white team has led the coaching staff and the club to make one of the most drastic decisions in memory Madrid in the last decade.

The fine to Yabusele

Thompkins and Heurtel were not the only ones who decided to give a good account of the Athenian night. Guerschon Yabusele, who last January renewed for the white team until 2025, was the third in discord and also took advantage of the hours before the game to party in Athens. In his case, the white team has decided to leave his punishment in an economic fine, despite his bad game against Panathinaikos.

The French power forward played 14 minutes as a starter and was blank in scoring with zero of three field goals. The Frenchman captured six rebounds, and distributed an assist for two PIR.

The two players will not wear white again

Both Heurtel and Thompkins were no longer in training prior to the match against Bayern Munich in which they did not participate either and in which the white team saw second place in the regular league of the highest continental competition slip away. Hours later it was Pablo Laso himself who explained what had happened with the two players.

I believe that the remaining 13 players can get the best of them between now and the end of the season and we are going to be the team we want to be

“The thing about Heurtel and Trey is my decision. My obligation as a coach is to identify the problem. The two players no longer train with the team and it’s a technical decision,” said the coach from Vitoria at the press conference prior to the match against Barça in the last Clásico of the season. “The decision on Thompkins and Heurtel not to return to the team is final.”

The two players have already played their last game in the white shirt and are now waiting to negotiate a possible departure from the Madrid team before the end of the current season. otherwise both Thompkins (contract ends) as Heurtel (signed for 1+1) They will be free on June 30 to sign for any team.

Total confidence in the team

Despite the departure of one of the great signings of this season and a player fixed in his schemes, Pablo Laso maintains full confidence in a block that in the first match, already without Heurtel or Thompkins, gave its best face at the Palau against Barcelona, ??reaffirming the opinion given by his coach prior to the clash: total faith in this squad.

“I have full confidence in the rest, I have quite a few problems with the team. I believe that the 13 remaining players can get the best out of them between now and the end of the season and we are going to be the team we want to be,” Laso assured last Saturday.

The coach from Vitoria also revealed that the white team has no intention of reinforcing the base position with any signing after the punishment for indiscipline to Thomas Heurtel. Laso knows that right now there are few players available on the market for the white team and he maintains his confidence in Abalde, converted to number ‘1’, Llull and Williams-Goss while waiting for Carlos Alocén to recover. These are the wickers and the ones Laso trusts to turn around the most complicated season in his 10 years on the white bench.