Thomas heurtel It continues to be synonymous with quality and talent in the body of one of the best bases in the Old Continent in recent seasons. And now he shows it again with the Real Madrid shirt after his abrupt departure from Barcelona halfway through last season and its passage through the ASVEL Villeurbanne with which he could only dispute the domestic competition.

Thomas Heurtel, Laso’s last hit

Six months that seemed to cast doubt on his career and therefore the suitability of his signing for the white team. However, the French base has barely taken nine games to show that he can take on the task of leading the white ship.

With a game as cool as it is anarchic, like his character, Heurtel is slowly silencing the most critical voices on his signing and he has done so by adapting to the game proposed by Pablo Laso, who is getting the best out of the Frenchman without having to have many minutes on the court. In fact, only in his first season at Baskonia did he play fewer minutes per game. Not even in his first year at the ACB in Alicante or in his last campaign at Barça, when he hardly counted for Jasikevicius.

We have five games in nine days and we have to assess what each player can give us at all times “

Pablo Laso

However, its incidence is higher in the game at this time. For example, the Gaul he is scoring more (six points per game) with the white shirt than in his last stage as a Barça player, just as he rebounds (2.2) and steals the same (0.8). Only in terms of assists his performance is lower (3.6 by 4.8 last year) than his last year in Barcelona.

Revolution against Valencia

Laso has managed to find the key for the Frenchman to be the revulsive again that due to speed and talent he was in his first seasons in the ACB. A player who, coming off the bench, is capable of changing the sign of a match as demonstrated in the last league match against Valencia Basket, where after not playing for a second during the first half he revolutionized the game with 11 points, five rebounds and four assists for a PIR of 19, driving the entire defense of the taronja team crazy.

Pablo Laso explained that the fact that Thomas Heurtel and Rudy Fernández did not play in the first half was part “of the game plan. We have five games in nine days and we have to assess what each player can give us at all times. match plan are things that when you win are valued more. And as for Heurtel, he gives us a different style “. A style that already wins games for Real Madrid.