Pfor basketball fans Thomas Heurtel is synonymous with quality and talent in the body of one of the best point guards on the Old Continent in recent seasons. However, that talent bottled up in the 189 centimeters of the French point guard has never been able to overcome the shadows cast by an indomitable character that has taken him away from greater heights in his career and that in recent hours has made him a protagonist after Real Madrid separated him from the discipline of the first team along with Trey Thompkins.

Heurtel and Thompkins no longer train with the team, it is a technical decision and it is final

Paul Laso

Heurtel and Trey is my decision. My obligation as a coach is to identify the problem. The two players no longer train with the team and it is a technical decision and it is final”, confessed Pablo Laso after confirming the decision to separate his two players from work with the rest of his teammates. A decision that is not new in the career of the genius of Beziers.

His departure from Barça after staying in Istanbul

Heurtel’s name has always been accompanied by the doubts generated by his character and that he experienced his most notorious episode last season, when Barça, in the midst of a pandemic, did not allow him to return from Istanbul on the same flight as the rest of the team. The reason? To be negotiating his signing for Real Madrid. Something that would end up materializing in the month of July 2021.

The Chiringuito awaits the Barça basketball expedition: long faces and no one answers about Heurt

Heurtel arrived in Barcelona in 2017 with the revulsive poster that the team needed after a couple of seasons sailing aimlessly. And during his first years he fulfilled the role thanks to a game as great as it was anarchic that earned him more than one discussion with coaches as marked by tactical rigor as Pesic or Jasikeviciuswith whom he also had his pluses and minuses.

First steps in Spain

The French base has always been characterized by a game without ties and this has led him to not finish settling in the European elite for which he was called from the lower categories of the French team, with which he already demonstrated his talent.

Jasikevicius: “My team has a very good atmosphere”

Something that did not escape Chus Mateo, which gave him his first opportunity in the ACB League after standing out as one of the most promising youngsters in France in the ranks of Pau and Strasbourg. Today’s Real Madrid assistant signed him for a Lucentum Alicante in which he began to stand out with 9.6 points and 2.3 assists in 31 games.

It leaves before time in three great ones of Spain

His numbers and, above all, his offensive talent caught the attention of a Baskonia where he landed in 2011 to continue growing in his game as one of those point guards capable of changing the sign of a match in just two sparks of genius. He stayed in Vitoria for three and a half seasons and established himself as one of the best playmakers on the Old Continent. Category that increased with his achievements with the ‘Bleu’ team with which he won the Eurobasket in Slovenia in 2013 and the bronze in the World Cup held in Spain in 2014.

This was Heurtel’s triple on the buzzer that lifted Real Madrid in Fuenlabrada

However, despite the fact that his quality seemed to be able to overcome everything, the point guard began to show signs of character and an ego that was difficult to manage, which has led him to leave early in three of the greats of Spanish basketball, such as Baskonia , Barça and a Real Madrid with whom he signed a 1+1 contract with a cut option by the white entity for 100,000 euros, although both parties are already negotiating to try to find a way out without having to wait until June. A goodbye that supposes a new question about one of the most talented point guards in European basketball, but also one of the most unruly.