Lthe last 365 days in the life of Thomas heurtel They have been an authentic roller coaster that began with one of the most unusual episodes that the world of basketball has experienced. Barcelona decided to punish the French player, leaving him on the ground and forbidding him to board the plane that brought back the Barça expedition from Istanbul after a match against Anadolu Efes.

The Chiringuito awaits the Barça basketball expedition: long faces and no one responds about Heurt

The base was not in the call, but asked to travel to Istanbul where his representative was, to speak with Fenerbahce. But Barça claimed that the player was in contact with Madrid and not with the Turkish team, and their reaction was to prohibit the French from getting on the plane back to Barcelona.

A decision that was condemned by much of the basketball world, that did not understand the measurement adopted by the Barcelona group. Players like Mike James or Evan Fournier rated as “mean”, while Alfonso Reyes, president of the ABP, described the act as “unjustifiable and unworthy”.

Pass through France

The Istanbul incident was the end point of Heurtel’s relationship with Barcelona. The French guard, who was training with the Barça team, got engaged to the ASVEL Villeurbanne to finish the season playing the domestic competition in France due to the impossibility of playing the Euroleague.

This was Heurtel’s triple on the horn that raised Real Madrid in Fuenlabrada

The point guard found the best solution for his difficult situation. And he did it in his country. He did not want to go through the season in white and needed a team to stay in shape and be prepared to his signing for Real Madrid, which materialized on July 6, before the point guard won Olympic silver with France at the Tokyo Games.

Another success of Laso

Heurtel began his career with the white team with a title, the Endesa Super Cup, against his former in a game in which the Frenchman still showed that he needed adaptation to his new team. With a game as great as it is anarchic, like his character, Heurtel is gradually silencing the most critical voices about his signing and he has done it adapting to the game proposed by Pablo Laso, which is getting the best of the Frenchman without having to spend many minutes on the court, as the numbers show: 9.2 points, 4.9 assists and 3.1 rebounds in the Euroleague and 7.6 points, 4.6 basket passes and 2.7 rebounds in the Spanish league.

The Madrid show Oh Là Là: to the remanguillé and matazo

The base, discharged after testing positive for COVID, is being the best assistant of the white team both in the Euroleague (4.9 per game) and in the Endesa League (4.6). He is the third player with the best percentage of three in the domestic competition (43.6%), the third highest scorer in the Euroleague and the fourth in valuation in both tournaments (10.5 in the Euroleague and 9.8 in the ACB). Numbers that reflect the importance of a player who just a year ago lived his worst moment as a professional and for whom today that episode is only a bad memory after becoming a key player for Real Madrid.