ANDhe shooting guard Joe Thomasson, with 7 of his 17 points in the last quarter, led Baxi Manresa to victory this Saturday against a seasoned Urbas Fuenlabrada (99-89) who, after a maximum deficit of 15 points in the second quarter, got up and managed to get ahead in the last period.

Data sheet

  • 99; Baxi Manresa (31+18+21+29): Dani Pérez (9), Rafa Martínez (-), Vaulet (11), Maye (16), Sima (11) -initial team-, Francisco (15), Dani García (6), Moneke (14), Steinbergs (-) and Thomasson (17).
  • 89; Urbas Fuenlabrada (18+19+31+21): Samar (13), Emegano (13), Meindl (15), Alexander (12), Bagayoko (3) -initial team-, Álex López (-), Ristic (4 ), Novak (8), Eyenga (9) and Milosavljevic (12).

The Catalan side swept the first quarter (31-18) and scored fifteen points in the second (44-29, min.17), but the Madrid team reacted after the break (70-68, min.30) and signed the comeback in the final period (79-83, min.36).

But in the heat of a Nou Congost that never stopped believing, Baxi Manresa tightened their defense and turned the score around thanks to four almost consecutive three-pointers by Thomasson, Dani Pérez and Dani García.

The energetic Baxi Manresa set the physical bar of the match from the initial jump, hyperactive in the defense of the passing lanes to achieve simple points near the hoop through center Yankuma Sima and forward Juampi Paulet (6-1, min.3) .

Urbas Fuenlabrada did not wrinkle, after the first time out of manager Josep Maria Raventós (13-5, min. 5), tightened the scoring driven by the scoring breakthrough of point guard Ziga Samar and shooting guard Obi Emegano (16-12, min.6).

Power forward Chima Moneke’s appearance on the court, with four rebounds, reinforced the protection of the Manresa rim and the outside duo made up of Sylvain Francisco and Joe Thomasson (scorers of five and seven goals in a row) made Pedro Martínez’s team take off in the electronic (31-18, end of the first quarter).

At the start of the second quarter, Urbas Fuenlabrada slowed down the pace of the match to their advantage and redoubled their defensive intensity, although five points from power forward Luke Maye from distance allowed the Catalan team to maintain the lead in double figures (37-24). , min.15).

The strong defense of Baxi Manresa prevented the Madrid team from attacking smoothly, while on the opposite hoop the Bages team reached a new maximum advantage thanks to free throws and Moneke’s power under the board (44-29, min. 17 ).

The local team gave symptoms of excessive confidence. The small Francisco missed an easy basket trying to mate and Moneke was punished with a technical foul for celebrating a basket showing muscles against Emegano.

The reliability of the Nigerian forward, top scorer at the break with 13 points, was the lifeline of an Urbas Fuenlabrada who managed to cut a point in the period despite the success of Maye’s shot, Baxi Manresa’s offensive leader with 12 goals (49-37 ).

The tone of the match changed in the third quarter, since an overwhelming start by Urbas Fuenlabrada reduced the disadvantage to a minimum (57-56, min. 25) thanks to the success of Leo Meindl, Christian Eyenga and Kyle Alexander (with five points each). one).

With the game in hand, Moneke and Francisco took on offensive responsibility by scoring 15 of Baxi Manresa’s 21 points in the third quarter, just enough to delay Urbas Fuenlabrada’s comeback, who dismissed the period with a triple by Dragan Milosavljevic ( 70-68).

Eyenga leveled the match at the start of the final quarter (70-70, min.31) and Milosavljevic gave the visiting team the first advantage of the duel from the three-point line (76-77, min.33).

Grown by the comeback and more aggressive in the divided balls, Urbas Fuenlabrada opened a small gap in the locker (79-83, min. 36), but three triples by Dani García, Dani Pérez and Thomasson boosted Baxi Manresa at the time more delicate (90-85, min.38).

Urbas Fuenlabrada was unable to recover from the blow, exhausted by the effort made, and a triple by Dani Pérez with 22 seconds remaining sealed the match (99-89).