ORnicaja is still in free fall. Casademont Zaragoza won a game (93-82) in which Ponsernau’s men were able to make a lot of blood, thinking about the beating they took at Carpena in January. The former cashiers were the best of a handful team that for many minutes had no mercy from Unicaja. Only Brizuela was saved from the fire in a clash in which the people of Malaga missed Jaime Fernández, who was injured for a long time.

In the first bars, Deon Thompson did damage in the area, although Katsikaris’ men did not give in in that exchange of blows, constantly equalizing the clash. Abromaitis put the visitors ahead for the first time on the scoreboard, but it was a clear mirage that lasted very little. Casademont Zaragoza pressed again and a small partial of 5-0 ended up balancing the balance in the first act. Unicaja was not bad, but from that moment on there was only one team on the track of Prince Felipe.

Jordan Bone was to blame for the costasoleños leaving the game. Unicaja’s start was terrible and the distance on the scoreboard went up to ten points. The Los Guindos team could not add to the attack, which motivated Casademont Zaragoza to increase their income thanks to their dominance on the rebound. Alberto Díaz tried to re-engage the team in the clash with his points and his assists, but the maños found a way to respond from the perimeter with a successful Waczynski, another former Unicaja player. Mobley and Thompson finished off the locals on the scoreboard before the break (53-38).

After the break, Brizuela made those in green and purple believe. Nothing, despite the fact that the Basque mamba was the best at Unicaja, was insufficient. Katsikaris’ men did not defend and Casademont Zaragoza saw the hoop with ease. Between Thompson and Casademont Zaragoza’s triples the differences widened again (63-48), although Unicaja managed to reduce the situation with 5 consecutive points. But the scoring problems returned in the Malaga ranks, which, together with a local rush, caused them to distance themselves on the scoreboard again at the end of the third act (79-60).

The last leg of the match only served for Unicaja to make up the score once again. The dynamic continued in favor of Jaume Ponsernau’s team, who surpassed twenty points on the scoreboard with an inspired Hlinason punishing the offensive rebound (90-67). The points from Barreiro and Dejan Kravic managed to reduce the deficit with a partial 3-13, but not enough to achieve victory in Zaragoza (93-82). Unicaja continues to plummet and the playoffs for the ACB title are already beginning to be an increasingly distant dream.

Data sheet:

93 – Casademont Zaragoza (26+27+26+14): Cook (3), Mobley (13), Yusta (8), Radoncic (2), Deon Thompson (16) -starting five- Bone (14), San Miguel (1), Vanwijn (7), Vilà (-), Waczynski (18) and Hlinason (11).

82 – Unibox (21+17+22+22): Alberto Díaz (13), Brizuela (24), Barreiro (17), Abromaitis (8), Guerrero (2) -starting five- Kravic (10), Alonso (1), Mooney (4), Nzosa (-), Suárez (2) and Bouteille (1).

Referees: Óscar Perea, Arnau Padrós and Héctor Báez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: match corresponding to day 21 played in the Príncipe Felipe pavilion in Zaragoza before 5,932 spectators.

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