Hand in hand with Perfumerías Avenida, Spanish basketball is once again represented in the Final Four of the Euroleague Women (the 2021 edition will be held in Istanbul from April 16 to 18) nine years later. Great news that has spread to the list of nominees for the individual awards of the season in the top women’s continental club competition.

Silvia Domínguez, María Araújo and Alba Torrens, for the MVP

Three players, Silvia Domínguez, María Araújo and Alba Torrens, are among the 24 MVP hopefuls. Silvia and Alba, in turn, aspire to enter one of the two best quintets of the course in the backcourt (bases and escorts). Araújo, for his part, opts to integrate one of these ‘Fives’ in interior positions.

In addition to the prominence of the Spanish players, the strength of the Endesa Women’s League it has also had its effect. Tiffany Hayes and Katie Lou Samuelson, from Perfumerías Avenida, and Sonja Vasic, from Spar Girona, they join Domínguez (Avenida) and Araújo (Girona) as the five representatives of the LF Endesa in the race for the MVP. Torrens plays for the Russian UMMC Yekaterinburg.

Spanish coaches continue to trade higher

The prominence of national basketball becomes even more evident in the category of Best Coach of the Year, with four Spanish technicians among the seven finalists. Roberto Íñiguez (Perfumerías Avenida), Alfred Julbe (Spar Girona), Miguel Méndez (UMMC Ekaterinburgo) and Víctor Lapeña (Fenerbahçe) They could win an award that Lapeña already received last year. With the exception of Julbe, whose Spar Girona lost in the quarterfinals to Perfumerías Avenida, all of them will be in the Final Four in Istanbul.