Since he arrived in the 13-14 season when the team was active in the second division until he settled in the top flight, that has been Toch Sarr’s journey at IDK Euskotren, the club where he has felt at home.

Azu Muguruza, the team’s coach, dedicated a few words to him “it’s difficult to summarize everything in a press conference, but I want to make it clear that she has been a very important player. She has been that player with whom the club has grown a lot. She has always had a commitment for the team to grow and has passed it on to everyone ”. Very committed to the club, she has always been one of the players willing to help at all times “being a player of her level, she has always shown commitment to the club and has always wanted to be here. She has been that player who has helped all her teammates ”.

Both have achieved a personal and professional rapport and Toch has been a confidant for the coach “it has been very easy to be with her. She has not only helped her colleagues, she has helped me. Our feeling was always good and we can only thank him for how he did it ”.

For her part, today’s protagonist has been very grateful to the club, the coach, president, staff, teammates and not least the fans. “There are many things that I take with me. To Azu, thank him for everything, for being by my side, in good times and in difficult times. I’ve done my entire career here, everything I’ve felt good about in basketball has been here. I am happy and proud. Carmen is another person who has also been by my side. Thanks to the club and all the staff. And my teammates, all the players from home, I have seen them grow and I have grown with them. I am not forgetting the fans, thank you very much ”. He has also ensured that he hopes there will be a moment this season to say goodbye to them at Gasca.

On how the decision to put a full stop came, he highlighted “It has not been an easy year for me, due to the injuries. And the most important thing is to be by my family’s side. There was going to come a day that was going to pass and it has been now. I no longer have anything to prove in basketball ”. His priority now is the family and his daughters, “I want to enjoy them as I have never done before. Basketball hasn’t let me live it until now and it’s time to be with them ”.