ANDhe Joventut from Badalona has taken Miribilla this Sunday, where he has prevailed with more authority than the final 71-77 reflects, led by Ante Tomic and the black-and-white youth squad Joel Parra, Pau Ribas and Pep Busquets against a very distant Surne Bilbao Basket of his latest performances on his field.

Tomic (14 points, 10 rebounds and a PIR of 23) throughout the match, Busquets (9 and 11 in ten minutes), Parra in the third quarter (19 and 19) and Ribas (12, 6 assists and 16) in management from the advantage at the end they took advantage of a bad afternoon that ended the streak of eight straight wins at the Bilbao Arena del Surne Bilbao.

Carles Duran’s men, who chained two victories in three days, commanded throughout the game after an initial 0-7 that only had a local response in the last quarter in which they could have come close to 4 points with more than six minutes remaining in a long shot from his captain Jonathan Rousselle.

Alex Mumbrú did not get any further, among whom no player exceeded 10 points scored or PIR. Andrew Goudelock’s 10 points, Angel Delgado’s 8 rebounds and Jeff Withey’s 2 blocks were the highlights of ‘the men in black’ statistically.

The game started with an unusual circumstance, a foul in the initial jump. From Tomic, who was also the one who opened the scoring with one of the many baskets that Joventut scored in the first half.

Those two points from Tomic also started the 0-7 that allowed him to dominate the game with ease from then on. Bilbao Basket came close (7-10), but the visitors’ pace and success opened a gap in the electronics against some blunt and outmatched locals.

Thus, Penya led by 9 at the end of the first quarter (17-26) and also at the break by 15 (29-44) after a second quarter of ten minutes that was nothing more than the continuity of the first.

The 16-59 in PIR and the 10-21 in rebounds were illustrative of a match dominated in the first half by Tomic and the green-and-black youth squad Parra and Busquets against a rival in which only Goudelock and Rafa Luz managed to energize the black team.

When they returned from the locker room, almost all of Joventut caught the local mistake, although not Parra, who with 9 points in a row kept his team and prevented Bilbao Basket from lowering its disadvantage to less than 10 points (36-48).

The match recovered its previous dynamic and Joventut reached the end of the third quarter again 15 up (47-62).

The local reaction did not arrive until the last quarter, at the start of which they managed to get closer to seven points thanks to a couple of good actions by Withey and an unsportsmanlike one by Vives (60-67). And he even put the Surne closer to four with a very distant triple, but released, by Rousselle at 6.22 from the end.

The Frenchman didn’t get the shot, Ribas took control of the game and Penya’s victory was no longer in danger despite the fact that the black team got closer again on the scoreboard until the final 71-77.

Data sheet:

71 – Breogan River (17+12+18+24): Rafa Luz (4), Goudelock (10), Walker (9), Masiulis (8) and Delgado (9) -initial five-; Rousselle (5), Hakanson (5), Alex Reyes (7), Inglis (8), Withey (6) and Peno.

77 – Joventut Badalona (26+18+18+15): Vives, Paul (8), Parra (19), Brodziansky (5) and Tomic (14) -five starting-, Ribas (12), Busquets (9), Birgander (10), Feliz, Ventura and Willis.

Partials: 17-26, 29-44 (rest); 47-62 and 71-77 (final).

Referees: Referees: Carlos Cortés, Rafael Serrano, Rubén Sánchez Mohedas. No removed.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 23 of the Endesa League played at the Bilbao Arena in Miribilla before 7,913 spectators. Before the match, the international non-governmental organization ‘Doctors of the world’ was honored.