ANDl Urbas Fuenlabrada achieved this Saturday a key victory for his aspirations to avoid relegation positions by overcoming, in a very even game that was decided in the last seconds, another team in crisis of results, a Monbus Obradoiro in free fall that had the victory in his hands but he ended up adding his ninth defeat in the last ten games (84-82).

The American point guard Melo Trimble, with 31 points and a final action of 2 + 1 that decided the clash, was once again decisive for Madrid and beat a lethal Kassius Robertson in the scorers’ duel, author of 28 points and who hit with seven of his nine shots from the perimeter.

Robertson himself and Christian Eyenga monopolized the first attacks on the Fernando Martín Pavilion. The Canadian hit his first two triples and the Congolese responded with actions that gave his team the first advantage. The joy in the premises did not last long because again Robertson, with a 3 + 1, and Czerapowicz, with a basket plus additional shot in the next action, began to open a gap in the scoreboard.

The Galicians dominated with solvency and managed to impose an iron defensive system that aborted rival attacks. A 2-10 partial and Robertson’s fourth triple without failure consolidated control of a Monbus Obradoiro that was better in the first ten minutes, in which he achieved a valuable income of eleven points (20-31, min 10).

The panorama changed in the resumption. The Fuenlabreños improved significantly behind and put one more march to their attack, led by Eyenga and Trimble. Emegano finished the comeback with a triple that tied the game at 35 in the middle of the second act.

The Obradoiro lacked the starting point of the game and, with Robertson missing, only Steven Enoch was capable of doing damage in isolated actions to a much improved home defense compared to the first quarter. The Galicians, who in the first ten minutes had scored 31 points, stayed at eleven in the second act, and at halftime they reached a tie at 42.

The match resumed without a clear dominator. Robertson was still doing a lot of damage from the perimeter. Trimble responded to his two new triples, who with two more in a row gave his team the maximum advantage up to that moment and forced Moncho Fernández to stop the game in search of a reaction and to try to stop the excessive losses of his team (61- 54 min 26).

In the last ten minutes, Fuenlabrada arrived six up, which rose to thirteen after a 7-0 partial start in the final quarter that lit the alarm light in the Santiago team.

But the Galicians did not give up and kept fighting in every action. It was time for Jake Cohen, who with two front triples again tightened the score with three minutes remaining. From 74-61 it went to 76-74 thanks to a 2-13 partial that certified the blackout of the Madrid team in attack and the great reaction of its opponent when it was worst.

At the last minute and a half, Fuenlabrada arrived one up and everything to be resolved. Again it was Cohen, with a basket under the ring and two free throws, the great protagonist when he put Obradoiro ahead in the last minute.

Trimble, from the personnel line, missed of the three free throws with which they could have tied with 27 seconds left, although he made up for it on the next play, in which he recovered the ball and achieved a 2 + 1 that meant 83 -82. Obradoiro had the last possession 16 seconds but Ozmizrak missed the triple that would have given his team the victory, who at least saved the points coefficient since in the first round they beat Fuenlabrada by 19 points.

– Data sheet:

84 – Urbas Fuenlabrada (20 + 22 + 25 + 17): Samar (2), Trimble (31), Meindl (13), Eyenga (14) and González (-), -starting five-, Alexander (5), Novak (7), Cheatham (2), Emegano (8), García (2), Urtasun (-) and Sharma (-).

82. Monbus Obradoiro (31 + 11 + 19 + 21): Oliver (-), Robertson (28), Cohen (14), Czerapowicz (11) and Birutis (2) – starting quintet-, Enoch (8), Muñoz (-), Ozmizrak (11), Beliauskas (1), Suárez (2), García (-) and Daum (5).

Referees: Fernando Calatrava, Jorge Martínez and Alberto Sánchez. They eliminated Chema González, from Urbas Fuenlabrada (min. 35).

Incidents: Match of the 28th day of the Endesa League played at the Fernando Martín de Fuenlabrada Pavilion behind closed doors.

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