It will be difficult for Logroño to forget the season of Promise Campus. A dream first round made the team dream of the Copa de la Reina and the regularity of the squad during the second leg of the competition left the team close to the Playoffs. Some objectives far from those that were raised at the beginning of the course and that revolved around permanence. There are many factors that have led this team to exceed expectations, but part of the blame falls on the national forward Txell Alarcon (2003).
Alarcón has completed his second course in LF Endesa hand in hand with the La Rioja team and has done so by taking a step forward in terms of minutes and responsibilities. Thus, he has finished the course with an average of 4.8 points (35% FG), 1.9 rebounds and a PIR of 3.3 in more than 20 minutes of play per game.

After a campaign of great growth, the player prepares new exciting challenges such as being able to be in the European U20 with the generation of 2002. “We were lucky enough to play in the World Cup but the pandemic has bothered us a lot, these championships are unique moments and we have missed them, so what we are going to try is to enjoy all that we have left”.

How’s the concentration going? What is the work focusing on?

Good. We are laying the foundation for this summer to be able to compete as much as possible. It is serving us as a first contact and we are improving as the days go by. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the ones in America, so it’s great to be back together again.

This generation of 2002 had the opportunity to play the U19 World Cup last year, what good was that experience?

In my case, it helped me to enter the group. I had never been with the majors and it was an experience to grow for this year to be able to compete for everything we can. We laid some foundations, we got to know our roles and most importantly, we formed a human group off the field.

What do you think is your role in this group?

I think my role is that of a shooter, but also a defender. In last year’s World Cup, due to the physical demands of our rivals, we were all forced to take a step forward defensively.

Does a U20 taste like goodbye?

We are several of the generation of 03 or 04 and for us it is very special to be able to accompany the 2002 in their last year. Now it doesn’t taste like a farewell to us because we just arrived and we are enjoying it a lot now, but there is a special atmosphere.

The covid has left many international quarry competitions without being held. How do you take it?

For my generation, that of 2003, the pandemic left us without the U17 World Cup and without the U18 European Championship. I was able to play the U19 World Cup with another generation but it bothers me a lot. Very unique things are experienced in these tournaments. Now we are going to try to take advantage of all the championships that we have left, fight to be able to be in all possible competitions and above all, enjoy them.

All year round at LF Endesa and now you put the selection mode. Do you see much difference?

No. Each coach is different and at the level of exercises there are differences, but there are not many differences because although the demands of the LF Endesa players are great, my teammates from this U20 also train at a very high level.

What do you think it gives you to play with a superior generation?

In this category the trainers explain many things to you. Here you know what you work for, why you work and how you are going to use what we are seeing now in the championship. But the good thing is that the ideas are the same. In the National Team, from the first concentration you already know the philosophy and even if you change generation or coach and the dynamics may be different, that philosophy is maintained. That makes it easy to go from one generation to another without problems.

What do you highlight from this season with Campus Promete?

I think we compete a lot. Every time we finished a game we did so with the feeling of having competed to the maximum both with the rivals in our league and with those from above. We even beat Spar Girona at home. We believed in qualifying for the Copa de la Reina, also in the Playoffs, although we were further away. But without a doubt the best thing has been the great human group that we formed and that helped us almost reach some goals, which in reality were not the ones we had set for ourselves at the beginning of the season.