ANDl Inherit San Pablo Burgos could not win in the debut of Salva Maldonado as coach of the Burgos team at the Coliseum against a UCAM Murcia who was superior at all times, especially in the scoring success (84-102).

Thad McFadden was a problem for Maldonado, who could not stop him, and the Georgian guard finished the game with 29 points and 9 of 13 from three-point range.

The inside game of UCAM Murcia did a lot of damage with Dejan Kravic on the court in the first minutes, especially Augusto Lima, forcing Salva Maldonado to take over from the pivot position with Julian Gamble to try to close the gap (13-14) .

It was then that the one who took the reins of the game was Thad McFadden, who was reunited with his fans precisely in the way he liked so much in the Burgos stands, with a 5/6 in triples, although Maldonado’s, far from coming down, they had Gamble, who kept them with 12 points in a quarter.

The lack of annotation from the Burgos club conditioned the second quarter as they spent almost 6 minutes without seeing the ring and, although they managed to turn back to grab the game, another 3-11 partial to close the quarter left the scoreboard declined on the Murcian side.

Sito Alonso’s men came out to close the game with a 0-9 run that was only a reflection of what was going to be a quarter with a Murcian scoring rate above normal, while San Pablo was hardly confident in attack and with many doubts in defense.

The script did not change much, those of Sito Alonso were more and more while San Pablo did not lower his arms at any time despite the fact that his rival was superior in many of the game, especially in rebound and success.

With his head already on Turkey, Salva Maldonado gave the less common players a chance, Sito Alonso thought the same, closing the match.

Data sheet:

84 – Inherit San Pablo Burgos (28 + 16 + 23 + 17): Kravic (10), Salash (0), Rabaseda (11), McGee (23), Renfroe () – starting five – Queeley (1), Kullamae (0), Nikolic (6), Díez (0), Dalton (2 ), García (10) and Gamble (16).

102 – UCAM Murcia (32 + 23 + 32 + 15): Davis (12), Webb III (14), Lima (10), Tylor (9), Rojas (9) – starting five – Bellas (0), Malmanis (0), Radovic (10), McFadden (29), Cate (5), Czerapowicz (9), Vasileiadis (0).

Referees: González, Castillo and Baez. Eliminated by fouls Chris Czerapowicz (UCAM Murcia).

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 13 held at the Coliseum Burgos. A commemorative plaque was presented to Augusto Lima and Thad McFadden for their past in the Burgos club.