ORA child without guardians does whatever he wants without being accountable to anyone. That is Unicaja, a club adrift, without a president and without a sports project. And the moment someone with a little physical and self-esteem gets ahead of him, he collapses, intimidated. That was UCAM Murcia. A team that swept the malagueños in the second quarter (31-12) with energy and rebounds to plunge Katsikaris’s men into misery, unable to motivate their pupils. The triumph of those of Sito Alonso, with a good Taylor, was essential to continue dreaming of the playoffs. Now, with one more game, they have come just one victory away from the typesetters, who continue to insist on dirtying their image.

There were nerves, too many, after the initial jump. Lack of self-confidence from both of their latest results leads to that. To attack badly in static, as happened to the locals. And to rush when running, as happened to the people of Malaga. This is how the low score that accompanied those first steps of the meeting was understood. Only Taylor seemed a bit more intoned, but despite UCAM’s rebounding dominance, with 6 offenses, Unicaja managed to lead the field at 4-9. The Sito Alonso defense then tightened its nuts and left the rival without scoring for 5 minutes, although they did not take advantage of it. His 0/8 in 3s prevented him, until Frankamp finally found the outside place to place a 13-9 that would become a 15-12 at the end of the first act.

The scratch on the scoreboard disappeared in the second quarter, fortunately for the spectator. Well, for the Murcian follower. Because the ridiculous from Malaga, one more in the season, was great. The university students had more rhythm, more joy and more success. More win too. And after a couple of even minutes, the red roller began to crush a soulless rival. From 20-18 to 46-24 with which the break was reached. In between, a superior physique that prevailed over the talent, supposed talent, of the typesetters. 13 rebounds to 2. That says a lot. If in defense, the Katsikaris almost made the hallway to the Vasileiadis, Strawberry or Cate, the beating is self explanatory. Only Jaime Fernández put on some green pride.

Worse could not go to Unicaja, who started the third quarter losing 46-24. So they reset their mind, forgot the scoreboard and went back to the abc of their basketball. The first, to mitigate the success of UCAM, which they left without scoring 3 minutes. And then, with the confidence recovered behind, look for the hoop in the other area. With Deon Thompson in command (12 points in the quarter), the systems began to play in attack. No war on your own like before. Sito Alonso was disappointed with his men seeing how the advantage was diminishing and he stayed in an open 57-45 with which he faced the final stretch.

The wind blew in favor of the Andalusians, who got to put, after a basket from Bouteille, 10 to 8’25 “to go. But that’s it. Like the school bully, UCAM showed its muscle with Taylor very successful and with the favor of Bellas, who sees passes where others find a wall. In two minutes, a partial 10-0 and a sentenced victory. It only remained to be seen if the pimentoneros could with the average (-21). They did not succeed. At least that consolation remains for Unicaja after looking at the scoreboard and contemplating the 81-68 with which they have given extra life to the rival.

Data sheet:

81 – UCAM Murcia Club Basketball (15 + 31 + 11 + 24): Bellas (11), Taylor (19), Rojas (3), Webb (1) and Lima (6) -starting five-, Davis (12), Radovic (4), Cate (6), Strawberry (6), Frankamp (7) and Vasileiadis (6).

68 – Unicaja de Málaga (12 + 12 + 21 + 23): Alberto Díaz (-), Brizuela (7), Waczynski (7), Abromaitis (10) and Guerrero (3) -starting five-, Thompson (12), Jaime Fernández (17), Francis Alonso (3), Thomas (3 ) and Bouteille (6).

Referees: Miguel Ángel Pérez Pérez, Juan de Dios Oyón Cauqui and Yasmina Alcaraz Moreno. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-sixth day of the Endesa Basketball League that was played without an audience at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia.

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