The UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto attended the press during the Media Day prior to the playoffs. The event took place at the Q-BO, where a tasting of Spanish cheeses was held on the occasion of the Valladolid Food Tuning Guide Fair (Saturday, May 28).


Two days before starting the promotion playoffs against Movistar Estudiantes, UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto attended the media in a Media Day that took place in the Q-BO Building. In this scenario, which will host the Valladolid Food Refining Guide Fair and the Diputación, a tasting of Spanish cheeses was held that served as an appetizer for the event that will be held this Saturday, May 28.

The players of the UEMC Real Valladolid Baloncesto were present at the massive and informal appearance, as well as the coach, Paco García, and the sports director, Pepe Catalina, who offered their impressions ahead of the playoff tie and enjoyed a cheese tasting and came along with all the attendees.

Pepe Catherine: “It’s an exciting week after a very good final stretch and after overcoming a difficult situation, so it’s comforting. When things go well, everything is much easier. The good results have made the group believe and the atmosphere is good. All of that translates to the field. Making a new squad every season is complicated and this streak confirms our idea with some players. The ideal would be to try to keep a compact core and have the work advanced. You just have to see how the team works in training, with intensity and desire to compete, which is reflected in the games. We have arrived here and in this way we face it, knowing that they are called to ascend, with respect. They have only lost two games at home and we will see if that responsibility can be turned against them”.

Paco Garcia: “Exciting week, but without losing an iota of motivation, demand and work. The illusion is taken, but now we are going to give our best to compete. The team is fine, with Pippen conditioning, which is very big and decisive, but we have our weapons. Change the script without him. Every minute that we can keep it even is going to be a minute of added pressure for them and of excitement for us. We are going to compete, we want to. They are the favorites, but let’s see. I am glad to think that in all my seasons at this Club we have been in the promotion and I feel personal satisfaction. It is a group of players with good training. There are many scripts and I’ve been through all of them, but the only important one is winning the last game”.

Sergio of the Source: “It is very nice to play the playoffs, it is the most special part of the season. We have played with one of the best teams in the league in the most beautiful pavilion, after Pisuerga, and we cannot ask for more. We arrived on a good run and we hope to continue extending it. We go with confidence, with desire, and with the aim of getting at least one game there. With Nacho Martín I have confidence and each one is going to win his match, he is like a brother, but it doesn’t matter on the court. We are the bogeyman because we are the best team in the last ten league games, we have that extra that we needed to get the victories. We are going to reach the home games alive and the key is to go every game. The most important thing is to end up winning last. The team has recovered from many blows, it has been a tough course, and when we have been most sunk, a step forward comes. In the face of adversity the group comes up. The fans are excited and except last year we have all been in the promotion, fighting. We’ve always done it to make them proud of us.”

Kavion Pippen: “Right now I feel good, I take it day by day with the injury, but good, in general. Possibly he will be in one of the games, but now I am working with the doctors, receiving the treatment that I have and we are seeing him little by little. The inflammation has gone down with the recovery that we are following, with ice, specific exercises and I think I will be able to be ready. I think we are more intense, tough and aggressive, it was somewhat difficult to adjust to the refereeing here, but I have been adjusting it. I am having fun on the court and I would definitely like to continue here, I have some excellent teammates, as well as the coaching staff, the coach and the Club. I think we can win the tie if we play hard and do what we have to. We have opportunities. My uncle tells me to play my game in the best possible way to try to win.”

Dominic Gilbert: “We have finished the regular season very strong and we are excited and excited. I’ve needed time to adapt to the team and the league, and the change of coach has made it longer than it should have, but in this last month I’ve shown what I’m capable of and I still think I can show more. I hope my best version is yet to come. Students is a great team and it will be a good experience, we are looking forward to the challenge. There are a few players on their roster who are older than all of us. We have respect for them, but we also came on a roll and almost beat them in our last matchup. We can compete against anyone, we will have options. I have enjoyed the team, the teammates, coaches and the city. The competition is different from Croatia, but it suits me more. I am progressing and my time here has been very positive in every way, especially when you win.”

Ferdinand Revilla: “We are fine, in a good moment. It is a good experience for me. When you get together with a veteran squad and in a league like this, it’s a learning experience. We are working well every day and that is transmitted. When the fans see that he competes, that he has grit and a good dynamic, it is easy for the fans to get hooked and show their support. The tie is going to be interesting, with good games and hopefully we’ll reach a fourth or fifth game to finish it off. Any team in the playoffs I doubt they want to face us given the streak we have and we are a rival to be reckoned with.”

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