“It has been a pleasant, cordial meeting, with a good ‘feeling’, if I may use the expression”, explained the president of the OCB, Fernando Villabella, accompanied by the vice president, Luis Tuero, and the general director, Héctor Galán.

“We have explained to the president what we are, our project, our needs and shortcomings”, added Villabella, recalling that the regional government’s contribution to the Oviedo Basketball Club is 15,000 euros, “low for the impact of the category”, and whose compensation at the level of visibility of the sponsorship is equated from the club with the other main sponsors.

“We would like to be useful for the Principality and any promotion policy it has in different sectors”, the club’s president stressed, indicating that Adrián Barbón “has committed to studying our requests with the ministries that may be interested in collaborating with the OCB as it can be the one of Culture”.

Likewise, the OCB has invited the regional president to the next match to be held in Pumarín on March 6 against CB Almansa and that the club will dedicate to Women’s Day in collaboration with the Asturian Institute for Occupational Risk Prevention.