ANDhe Unicaja won a match where good basketball did not shine much against MoraBanc Andorra (78-74). The people from Malaga managed to be ahead from the end of the first quarter, but suffered until the end to add a tight victory. Unicaja begins to think about the BCL. Andorra will continue fighting for permanence. Nice tribute to the figure of Javier Imbroda.

The game started with an exchange of blows on both sides of the court. Both Malagans and Andorrans started fine in the outside game. Alberto Díaz and Abromaitis scored for Ibón Navarro’s men and Hannah, together with Llovet, scored for the visitors. Both teams were in an offensive mood. Paulí and Crawford put Andorra ahead, but Brizuela and Barreiro leveled the score again. Abromaitis was warm and Unicaja took advantage of his efficiency to get five up. An income that they maintained until the end of the quarter thanks to a good run from the line of 6.75 again. With 26-20 for the typesetter, the end of the first act was reached.

The start of the second quarter was good for the Los Guindos team. Again the two teams started very fine from the triple. In pairs with Jaime Fernández and Francis Alonso in Unicaja and Llovet for the Pyrenean team. Unicaja increased the income and shot above ten points. 39-28, thanks to a good attack in which Kravic also wanted to be the protagonist. A new distant launch by Axel Bouteille shot Unicaja in the electronics. From there, the Costa del Sol dedicated themselves to maintaining the lead until the end of the second quarter. With Carpena happy, the break was reached (45-35).

The lap of the break was weak. The teams were not successful in attack in the early stages. Darío Brizuela pulled the typesetter car to maintain the advantage of the locals. Olumuyiwa and Crawford closed the gap for MoraBanc Andorra, taking advantage of Unicaja’s slow pace. Ibón Navarro had to call to order and his team reacted. Brizuela, Mooney and Alonso again separated the locals on the scoreboard, (57-47). Another stretch of low scoring effectiveness occurred again. Hannah and Jelinek tightened the gap again before a final minute and a half in which the game was stopped again. Thus the last quarter was reached. (64-57)

Andorra started the fourth with a small part that put fear in the typesetter’s body. The locals could not find the key to score and the score was reduced to three points difference. Three free throws by Alberto Díaz and an inside basket by Kravic again put land in the way for a very nervous Unicaja. Miller-McIntyre led a 0-6 run that squeezed the scoreboard again with three minutes remaining. Abromaitis and Bouteille stopped the bleeding and decided the match for a Unicaja team that won with the law of minimum effort and suffering until the last set due to a triple by Jelinek and thanks to a foul caused by Alberto Díaz. (78-74).