ANDUnicaja signs its third consecutive victory and confirms its good moment after defeating a combative Bilbao Basket. Dejan Kravic exploded in the last quarter and led the great reaction of the people from Malaga who started the match with certain doubts.

Demolishing exit of Bilbao Basket and great image of Ángel Delgado. The Dominican center did a lot of damage in the paint and Unicaja’s inside game could not stop him. Neither Guerrero nor Kravic. First income for those of Mumbrú. Ibon Navarro tried to shake up the team, but Bilbao went ahead (16-22). To make matters worse, light whistles to Cameron Oliver.

The team from Malaga did not start well, with a partial 0-7 at the start of the second quarter with a much more intense Bilbao Basket and the first big win of the match for Mumbrú’s team with Goudelock’s basket (16-29). It was his turn to change those of Los Guindos. And they found the reaction. He pressed on defense and found his fortune from the outside line. First, a triple by Alonso and another later by Mooney tightened the score (24-31). Good minutes from Bouteille and more oxygen for the people of Malaga, although Delgado did damage again in the area (29-34).

Immediately afterwards, Cameron Oliver’s third air ball and Hakansson’s triple (29-37) Slight bird of Unicaja that grew again from defense with good minutes from Carlos Suárez (32-37). Goudelock’s final dart and Alberto Díaz’s answer on the buzzer (34-40).

Good defensive intensity from Unicaja after returning from the locker room. Inglis scored and allowed the visitors to maintain their income, while Brizuela began to get plugged in. Two consecutive triples by Mumbrú: Pérez and Goudelock (41-50). Alberto, attentive as always, stole and scored a triple in transition (46-50). New match. Delgado appeared to hurt the hoops and Unicaja clung to a colossal Brizuela (49-52). Reaction of courage from the people of Malaga who endorsed a partial 11-7 and managed to turn the game around. Wind in favor of those of Ibon Navarro (60-59)

Leave Kravic, the X factor

The Malaga team that found a ring with Kravic did not lower the piston and forced Mumbrú to ask for time out (64-59). Goudelock was trying to prevent his team from giving up on the Carpena, but Mooney was quick to respond. Carpena pressed and the team from Malaga defended with greater ferocity (72-63). Kravic made a letter of introduction in the fourth. Rebounds, points and assists. A 2+1 from Abromaitis put the match on track for the people of Malaga with less than six minutes to go (75-63). Delgado wanted to put a bite on it. His physique made an appearance with a couple of actions in both baskets of merit (75-66).

Despite the slight reaction of the people from Bilbao, Unicaja gave the game a blow with two consecutive three-pointers and with a defensive plus as it had not been seen for a long time. (81-66). Finished match. Minutes with nothing at stake and victory that stays at home after an overwhelming image in the second half (91-75).

Data sheet:

91- Unibox (16+16+26+31), Alberto Díaz (13), Brizuela (16), Barreiro (11), Abromaitis (5), Guerrero (0) – starting five- Alonso (14), Bouteille (6), Carlos Suárez (3), Mooney (9), Kravic (12), Cameron Oliver (2).

75- Bilbao Basketball (22+18+19+16): Rouselle (0), Goudelock (12), Masiulis (12), Peno (1), Delgado (21)- starting five – Rigo (0), Withey (2), Inglis (5), Hakanson (7), Reyes ( 15), Light (0).

Referees: Carlos Cortés, Alberto Sánchez Sixto and Esperanza Mendoza.

Incidents: Postponed match of matchday 20 of the Endesa League, played at the José María Martín Carpena Pavilion before 4,356 spectators.