Ggreat choral meeting of the people of Malaga who brought out their best virtues from the third quarter. Only Evans put up some visitor resistance against an offensive gale led by Mooney, Bouteille, Alonso, Brizuela, and Cameron Oliver. those of Ibon Navarro they manage to recover sensations and achieve an important victory in the face of their final attempt to reach the playoffs and, above all, get out of the dangerous zone.

sweeping start of the Unibox who gave no respite to his rival. Alberto Diaz and Brizuela led the cashier attack. Only Evans by those of Louis Casimir They tried to prevent the people from Malaga from breaking the score (13-6). The Real Betis woke up and approached the marker with the (16-15). A final run of 5-0 by Ibon Navarro, with a triple by Oliver and Mooney with great penetration, closed the first quarter (21-16).

The team from Malaga did not slow down, taking its maximum income so far with a triple of Matt Mooney (32-20). Louis Casimir had to call time out. Again, the visitors tried to react. They did it. With a small partial of 0-4 thanks to two baskets of Brown. Now it was Ibon Navarro who cut the game short. good minutes of Barreiro who with a great triple put another see over ten points to the people of Malaga (41-30). Brizuela followed his own and left the light with a considerable income to the people of Malaga (44-34).

Good start from Louis Casimir who clung fiercely to the party. The Sevillians saw a hoop thanks to Wiley. Unicaja showed doubts and Real Betis did not miss it to get to five (48-45). Minutes of traffic jam for Ibon Navarro’s men who broke their bad inertia with a three-pointer Barreiro from the corner The meeting entered a more physical phase and a hard fight under the boards. There, the Malaga team that found in Brizuela the main scorer. A mate from the Basque lit up the carpena and it was a turning point (59-51).

Once again time was out on the court and a touched Betis who saw how Navarro’s men grew with good actions from his inside game with Warrior and Abromaitis as the main protagonists (68-57), but the leader of the fourth was Mooney who left with 14 points in the third season of the match. The people from Malaga gave a great acceleration before the doubts of the people from Seville and left the game practically on track at the end of the quarter (73-59).

Data sheet

  • 96 – Unicaja (21+23+29+23), Alberto Díaz (6), Brizuela (13), Barreiro (7), Abromaitis (9), Guerrero (6) -starting five-, Alonso (14), Bouteille ( 13), Nzosa (0), Mooney (14), Kravic (2), Cameron Oliver (12).
  • 80 – Coosur Betis (12+19+25+21): Evans (22), Bertans (6), Brown (17), Pasecniks (2), Burjanadze (8) -starting five-, Torres (4), Almazán ( 4), Cvetkovic (4), Wiley (11); Baez (3), Pozas (0).

Last ten minutes of almost pure formality. Those of Luis Casimiro tried to look for the epic and raise a complicated income, but the people of Malaga did not give up. Bouteille scored a triple from the front and Warehouse he responded in a row (79-66). The Frenchman continued to do his thing and scored again for the people of Malaga (81-66). Again, typesetter gale before a rival who delivered the spoon. Bouteille points, Cameron Oliver and Francis Alonso. Unicaja smelled blood and went to slaughter (89-66). Slight final makeup of the Sevillian team and the Andalusian derby that stayed in Carpena (96-80). In short, Unicaja did not miss the golden opportunity to get out of the danger zone after deservingly beating an irregular Real Betis.