ANDhe match corresponding to the sixteenth day of the Endesa League will not be played this Sunday at the Martín Carpena due to several positives in the visiting team.

Omicron has long since arrived in the world of basketball and has already collapsed the ACB. Not only the classic between Real Madrid and Barcelona falls to COVID, but the match between Fotis Katsikaris’s men and Jaume Ponsarnau’s men will not be played.

The game scheduled for this Sunday at the Martín Carpena at 6:00 p.m. is postponed after notifying the team of several positive cases in its squad.

It is true that Unicaja and Breogán, for the moment, are the only teams that have not reported infections, but the people of Malaga are affected by the virulence of the Omicron strain and that it is hitting hard not only in sport but in society general.

The typesetter team has started working on the track but will not play this Sunday. He was also unable to complete 2021 since the scheduled match against Bilbao Basket was postponed due to the positive cases in the Basque team. Two dates without competing.

This Friday Unicaja was subjected to medical tests and they did not report any positive within their workforce. For now, the meeting is postponed without a dispute date. A real puzzle is expected to square schedules and days. It is true that with the new protocol, the quarantine is reduced to 7 days and that flexibility is greater, but the situation is much more complex than in football, where the depth of players and the ability to line up players is greater. At the moment, only Valencia-Gran Canaria this Monday is the only game on right now of the day.