Fotis Katsikaris is already the history of the green bench. The Guindos club announced this Sunday that the Greek is no longer the coach of Unicaja. The people of Malaga lived immersed in a negative crisis of results. They have signed a very poor 7-11 in La Liga Endesa.

What’s more, the Guindos team has not qualified for the Copa del Rey in Granada. The last setback, this Saturday in Zaragoza, has been the last straw for the Hellenic coach. Right now, the entity is still in a deep crisis and is far from the top eight.

The figure of Katsikaris had been questioned and his future hung by a thread that has finally been cut. Despite the recent arrival of Dejan Kravic and Matt Mooney, the involution was notorious. The victory against in the BCL was a mere last bullet that was exhausted after the embarrassing match this Saturday against Casademont Zaragoza.

The club probes the market

As MARCA has learned, the Guindos entity is already looking for a substitute. Dusk Ivanovic He is one of the main candidates on the list. He is not the only one Ibon Navarrodismissed weeks ago from Morabanc Andorrais another of the options that the sports management manages.

Katsikaris had a contract until 2023. That is, the rest of the campaign and another one. Now, it’s up to the club to negotiate his departure in the most satisfactory way for both parties. And it is that Katsikaris arrived in January 2021 after the dismissal of Luis Casimiro. The Greek leaves with 48 games in his private account and a balance of 21 wins and 27 losses.

Ángel Sánchez Cañete, interim coach

Despite the dismissal of the Greek, life goes on and Unicaja travels to Ukraine this Monday to face Prometey, on the third date of the ‘Round of 16’ in the Basketball Champions League. The assistant coach of the Los Guindos entity will be the one who sits on the bench to lead the team while the Board of Directors looks for a new tenant.