ORnicaja has already closed the curtain on the 2021-2022 season. The Costa del Sol team is preparing for a real revolution for the next season. Antonio Jesús López Nieto has to speak, but starting with the bench, there are many things to confirm for next year. This Monday an extensive meeting took place between the squad, the president and the sporting director in which many cards were put on the table. In said meeting, the disastrous season of the team and the poor results in the Endesa League and the Basketball Champions League were discussed.

The club has not made any departure official at the moment. Tomorrow they will leave the Costa del Sol capital; the first to do so will be Tim Abromaitis, Cameron Oliver and Matt Mooney. While the rest of the players will remain in Malaga for a few more days. One of those who has dropped that puts an end to his stay at Carpena is captain Carlos Suárez. The Madrid forward has put a message on social networks in which he thanked Malaga, without further ado.

At least eight players from the current squad are expected to be replaced this summer. An absolute revolution for a Unicaja that has had its worst season since 1994. The club is already advancing in some movements, one of the names that has sounded is Ángel Delgado. The Bilbao Basket pivot ends his contract and could end up playing for the Los Guindos club.

Brizuela regrets the terrible season

Brizuela has been one of the players who has sung the mea culpa after the last defeat in Lugo. “The sporting result has marked everything. We are adults and it is what it is. There is sadness. Things have not gone well, one way or another. We have had bad luck, many things have come together. They are not excuses, either. We have spoken many times. It is sport, I have been in other clubs where things did not go well. You have to accept, learn, reflect and do your best, “he said in an interview with Málaga Hoy.

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