ANDhe team from Malaga, which was forbidden to fail, breaks a negative streak of four trips and keeps the dream of being in the Copa del Rey de Granada alive. Procedure passed before a tough San Pablo Burgos. Axel Bouteille and Alberto Díaz, the best at Unicaja. The French forward went up to 15 points, with two triples and two assists. As for the Malaga point guard, Díaz signed 5 points, 8 assists and 3 steals for a total of 19 valuation

A lot is at stake for both teams. The people of Malaga wanted to avoid the failure of not being in the Copa del Rey, so winning was essential. Despite this need, the start was spectacular for San Pablo Burgos. Renfroe pulled the car and put the visiting team ahead (7-12). Slight typesetter reaction and first stitches from the outside. Jaime Fernández scored a triple line followed, but Renfroe was still doing his thing (10-14). From there, Unicaja improved in defense. Good minutes from Díaz and a Nzosa who was able to stop Gamble (15-16). The change in inertia came with Darío Brizuela entering the track. A partial of (14-1) of the malagueños left the marker with a clear advantage of composer (26-17). A triple by Bouteille closed the period to the joy of those attending the Carpena.

The second quarter also started face to face for the people of Malaga. Only Renfroe saw a hoop in San Pablo Burgos. Good minutes from Brizuela and also from Abromaitis that stretched the score for Fotis Katsikaris’s men (33-27). Renfroe kept his people alive and with a triple he left his own very close. The malagueños put extra speed both in defense and attack. Great defensive minutes by Norris Cole and the Malaga players were leaving the bright thanks to the great exterior success (45-35). The closing of the period was a stopper from Rubén Guerrero that confirmed his good feelings in the last games (49-39)

After two great periods and 66% in shots to the basket, Unicaja returned from the changing rooms with a good income on the scoreboard and with the possibility of knocking out San Pablo Burgos. Renfroe followed his own and the Burgos team also began to find Dejan Kravic (53-45) more easily. Darío Brizuela reappeared there. Triple of the Basque escort and immediate response from Benite (56-50). Norris Cole scored his fourth foul and set off the alarms at Unicaja. Good minutes from Abromaitis and Nzosa (60-52).

Francis Alonso took a step forward and put the maximum income of the malagueños with a 3 + 1. In the absence of 3:42 the party was opting for green (67-53). San Pablo did not want to give up so easily and a colossal Gamble gave oxygen to the visitors. A 0-7 partial activated Unicaja. Fotis Katsikaris screamed for more defense and the people from Malaga obeyed. An alley oop by Rubén Guerrero put the finishing touch to the third quarter and with an open game (75-65).

Vibrant last quarter at Carpena, due to the intensity shown by San Pablo. The victory was not endangered for the people of Malaga, but those of Zan Tabak forced the people of Malaga to live with the knife in their teeth to those of Fotis Katsikaris in the last ten minutes of the match. There was no fear but slight doubts in the premises when a triple by McGee left Burgos to seven (80-73). He resisted being knocked out and only in the absence of 3:46 did Unicaja certify his triumph. A triple by Norris Cole (87-72) left the game at home. Final stretch of makeup for those of Tabak because there was no time to turn the stake around. Despite this, slight local suffering. Victory at home and the Carpena Factor comes out. Unicaja breaks a negative streak of four trips and keeps the dream of being in the Copa del Rey de Granada alive. Procedure passed, triumph suffered (89-78)

Data sheet:

89- Unicaja (26 + 23 + 26 + 14): Jaime Fernández (7), Norris Cole (17), Bouteille (15), Abromaitis (11), Eric (7) -the starting quintet-. Alberto Díaz (5), Brizuela (13), Barreiro (0), Alonso (3) Nzosa (4), Rubén Guerrero (4).

78- San Pablo Burgos (17 + 22 + 26 + 13): Renfroe (20), Benite (15), Rabaseda (0), Braimoh (1), Kravic (10) -the starting five-. McGee (6), Gamble (13), Dani Díez (3), Salash (2), Nikolic (8).

Referees: Juan Carlos García González, Jorge Martínez and David Sánchez.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 10 of the Endesa League, played at the José María Martín Carpena Pavilion before 4,178 spectators.