GIt was a great night of basketball that was lived in Carpena with a Unicaja that abused Casademont Zaragoza in the best game of the compositors so far this year. The choral match of those from Katsikaris, with Axel Bouteille and Jaime Fernández as the most valued of the Malaga team, served for the people of Malaga to sign their first victory of 2022 at the expense of a rival who only lasted the first quarter. Unicaja leaves its bad streak behind and continues to dream of being able to achieve a passport for the Copa del Rey de Granada.

The clash started with a thunderous ovation from the Carpena audience for Adam Waczynski. The Polish forward had to go out the back door in the summer and the game was a perfect tribute to him. Despite the initial 0-6 partial in favor of the maños, the first quarter between Unicaja and Casademont Zaragoza was really even. Mobley and Bone put the visitors ahead, but a good Norris Cole, accompanied by Micheal Eric, quickly restored equality to the electronic. Both teams exchanged sections of good basketball with others of chain failures.

Data sheet

  • 112- Unicaja (19+29+26+38) Alberto Díaz (0), Norris Cole (12), Bouteille (19), Barreiro (17), Eric (13) -initial quintet-. Abromaitis (9), Jaime Fernández (12), Brizuela (13), Alonso (7) Nzosa (10), Rubén Guerrero (0), Carlos Suárez (0).
  • 72- Casademont Zaragoza (20+18+12+22): Bone (21), Mobley (7), Waczynski (5), Radoncic (8), Hlinason (8) -initial quintet- Omar Cook (5), Vanwijn ( 11), Font (2), Vila (5), San Miguel (0).

Unicaja failed more than necessary and Cook took the opportunity to do damage from the outside game. The rebound was the key to the game and Unicaja began to base its reaction on that section of the game. Brizuela and Jaime Fernández hooked their men again in the match with two quality actions and left the score at 19-20 for Jaume Ponsernau’s men at the end of the first ten minutes of the match.

The second act was for Unicaja. Nzosa, Brizuela and Abromaitis were superior to their peers and the clash was quite noticeable. The American, who has ceased to be a non-community player this Tuesday, was key for Katsikaris’s men to open the can after four minutes of great equality. The success of shots by two of the typesetters was key to distance the two teams on the scoreboard. Unicaja’s run of 13-3 in the last three minutes of the second quarter, led by a great Daría Brizuela, heralded a placid game for the Los Guindos team, which rarely leaves with a similar lead at halftime. (48-35)

Unicaja came out ready to sentence the match after the time off. A new partial from nine to zero, with three-pointers by Barreiro and Bouteille included, left the Zaragozans far behind and put the almost twenty-point lead for the team from Malaga. This caused a timeout for Casademont Zaragoza and a small reaction from the Ponsernau team led by Radoncic. Abromaitis continued to penalize every defensive error by Casademont Zaragoza and Nzosa also joined the party to shoot at Carpena’s team again. The partial was scandalous for Katsikaris’s (35-9) who continued to increase the lead every time they approached the rival hoop. The fourth came to an end with an alley-oop from Nzosa that lifted the crowd from their seats in what was probably the best match of the course for the promising youth squad. 74-50, at the end of the third quarter.

Far from stopping the bleeding, Unicaja made Casademont Zaragoza pupa in the last quarter. The Los Guindos team kept pulling the trigger again and again until they wiped Casademont Zaragoza off the map in one of the most historic beatings that the typesetter fans have experienced at Carpena. Bouteille, Jaime Fernández, Barreiro, Eric… they all joined the party in an authentic exhibition of shots by a Unicaja team that scored 38 points in the final stretch of the game. Bone was the only one who stood the type in the hand in a scoreboard that left 40 points between the two teams, 112-72.