LUnicaja’s planning enters its key week. It is not that the Los Guindos club is going to accelerate in the departures and arrivals section. The months of June and July will be long for the typesetter team. But these coming days will be key to knowing a very important ‘small detail’ in the future of the Malacitana entity. It is expected that this week or the next, Unicaja will find out if it will finally play European competitions in the 2022-2023 season. A key fact for planning. Transfers, exits and even the preseason depend on it.

Today, Unicaja is outside of Europe. Only the expansion of the participants in the continental competition of the BCL, the one chosen by the club chaired by Antonio Jesús López Nieto, can help the typesetter. The Malaga club wants to add from the offices even if it has to play the previous phase of the tournament. Almost the only option for Carpena to play the BCL. The organization of the competition has set the preliminary rounds between September 21 and 25. Groups of six teams, in four different locations. Between all of them they would have to fight to sneak into the league of the first phase of the competition.

Another option is to go down to the fourth step

Playing the FIBA ??Europe Cup is the other option that Los Guindos manages. Having ruled out returning to the Euroleague to play in the Eurocup, this would mean staying out of Europe this year, it is the last bullet left for the people of Costa del Sol. A continental competition considered the fourth in importance and that Real Betis or Casademont Zaragoza could play this season. Meanwhile, everything stopped. The preparation of the preseason, the subscription campaign, the transfers and departures.