Of the only 6 countries with double representation in these Olympic Games –in the men’s tournament and in the women’s tournament- the United States and Spain, rivals in the men’s quarter-final match, lead the combined classification. They thus confirm their leadership in the FIBA ??world rankings.


6 games in total and a balance of 5 wins and a single loss. The United States and Spain lead the combined ranking of the six countries that are competing in the Tokyo Olympic tournament with the men’s and women’s teams. In this way, the Spanish and American basketball players reaffirm their leadership in the official FIBA ??rankings, in which they have appeared for several years as the two great powers of world basketball.

Regarding the women’s ranking, in which Spain is third behind the United States and Australia, the two defeats already conceded by the Australians in this Olympic tournament may place Spain in second position, depending on the following results. In the men’s ranking, also depending on the outcome of the Olympic tournament, Australia threatens the Spanish ‘silver’.

Of the six countries with double representation, Nigeria is the only one to have closed the group stage with a double record of 0-3, without having added a single victory. Japan’s only two wins have come from their women’s team.

5-1 United States
4-2 France
4-2 Australia
2-4 Japan
0-6 Nigeria

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