A duel between the two best teams in world basketball of the 21st century always promises to be spectacular. If it’s only a few days away from the Olympics, even more so. The USA-Spain that takes place in Las Vegas (early morning on Monday, Spanish time) is undoubtedly the match of the year. It can be followed live on free-to-air television (3:00, Four) and relive on rebroadcasting the same Monday a few hours later (12:00).

However, both teams arrive at the appointment with certain problems. Spain, with the decline of Juancho Hernangómez, the starting forward, which was joined at the last minute, shortly before traveling, by Carlos Alocen.

The United States, after having lost its first two preparation matches – against Nigeria and Australia – and having had to cancel the third that was scheduled, again against the Australians, for health reasons will not have Bradley Beal (definitive discharge due to COVID), Kevin Love (permanent discharge due to injury) or Jerami grant (Not yet ruled out but kept isolated in compliance with protocols). Gregg popovich has already found his substitutes: the veteran JaVale MacGee (Denver Nuggets) and Keldon Johnson (San Antonio Spurs). Also, against Spain he will probably line up some other ‘second team’ player.

Before these three losses, the United States conceded two losses in their friendlies against Nigeria and Australia. In the first, Kevin Durant was the top scorer (17) and in the second he was Damian Lillard (22), with 17 others from Durant himself. This game was no longer played by Love.

Spain, on the other hand, has counted its matches by victories, but in any case Scariolo has already explained on several occasions that obviously the results are now the least of it. The important thing is that the National Team, even with casualties and a rotation that is widely distributed among the 18 players who started the concentration, has been building itself in a fully satisfactory way.


Spain-Iran 88-61
Spain-Iran 96-53
Spain-France 87-77
Spain-France 87-79


USA-Nigeria 87-90
USA-Australia 83-91
USA-Argentina 108-80