ANDhe NBA 2021 draft already knows the order in which the franchises will choose on July 29. The Detroit Pistons have been the big winners of the lottery that determines where each team chooses based on their position in the last season.

The Michigan franchise has become number 1 in the draft and everything indicates that it will be done with the services of Cade Cunningham, the Oklahoma State star, who has already declared that he will only do pre-draft training with some Pistons that return to choose first place for the first time since 1970. Rockets, Cavaliers, Raptors and Magic complete the top 5 of a draft in which Spanish basketball will be very aware of the position in which Real Madrid player Usman Garuba will be chosen.

The name of the Real Madrid player already appears close to the top 10 in the mock draft carried out by NBC, which places the Spanish player as number 11 chosen by the San Antonio Spurs, although the most real option, according to the different predictions of the mock draft, is to think about it coming out between the 15th positions, which corresponds to the Washington Wizards, and the 18th that corresponds to the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he would once again share a dressing room with the Argentine Gabi Deck.

What seems certain is that the name of Garuba, who appears as one of the best ‘power forward’ of his promotion, will be among the top 20 of a draft that has already surrendered to the Madridista’s defensive capacity, as highlighted a few ago weeks Mike Schmitz, prestigious young talent analyst at ESPN.

“He has the opportunity to become one of the best defenders in the NBA. He plays as hard as any other project in this draft and has energy and defensive versatility,” says Schmitz when talking about a player who has been on the radar for a long time. of the NBA and whose foot speed is emphasized, “one of the fastest you will see in a player of his size, his hand activity and endless power. He also knows how to defend the pick-and-roll.”

The young Real Madrid player met the established deadlines and formalized his entry into the draft on May 26. You still have the option of withdrawing your candidacy until July 19 if before then you consider that the position in which you could be elected does not satisfy you, which is unlikely, since all the forecasts of the US specialized media, including the prestigious ESPN , place him in the top 15.

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