Usman Garuba, power forward of the 19-year-old Real Madrid, It has been officially signed to the next NBA draft as confirmed ESPN, that reveals that the player has already sent all the documentation to the NBA office in which he is declared eligible for the draft that will take place next July 29, as announced by MARCA in scoop on April 13.

The young Madrid player, like all those who wish to sign up, I had until this Sunday to do it, although it still has the option to withdraw your application until July 19 If before then he considers that the position in which he could be elected does not satisfy him, which is unlikely, since all the forecasts of the American specialized media, including the prestigious ESPN, they place you in the top 15.

A high contract with which he would pay his exit clause

If elected in the top 15 in the draft to be held on July 29 there would be a good chance that he would decide to make the jump to the NBA, since he would be credited with a contract that would allow you to pay the clause termination of Madrid and fulfill his dream of playing in the best league in the world.

To give you an idea, according to the Rookie Scale, the salary scale that governs the salary of rookies in the NBA, No. 10 in the draft of last season, Jalen Smith (Suns) is pricing by agreement $ 4.2 million in its first year of the three guaranteed, as there is an optional fourth.

Y the number 15, Cole Anthony (Orlando Magic), is charging 3.2 million. In that fork Garuba would have margin of maneuver to pay for your departure and make cash in the following two years, in which the amount of their payroll would progressively increase.

No place in the interior game of Real Madrid

With Tavares and french Poirier shielding the pivot position, young Usman knows that your minutes will be reduced and his chances in the Whites’ inside game … unless he improves his outside shot a lot and can occupy other positions further away from the rim. Garuba follow the path that before him his former teammates undertook the last years in the white club Doncic, Campazzo and Deck.

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