MRussian ontaña in the Carpena in a clash that Valencia Basket took by merits, (82-87). Unicaja says goodbye to the Cup after another bad match where Katsikaris and his team ended up looking at the controversial arbitration of the match. The people from Malaga made some horrible figures to counteract the good match between Hermannson and Prepelic, the best in the Valencian team. A painting by Peñarroya that almost wasted more than twenty points of advantage in a very poorly run final stretch.

Unicaja started the match with great seriousness and with a six-zero run led by Jonathan Barreiro. Those of Katsikaris defended very well against a Valencia somewhat stuck in the rival ring. Francis Alonso scored a triple of many carats to continue deepening the difference between both teams at the start. Van Rossom kept the type for Peñarroya’s men who only worked from the outside game. Francis Alonso took the baton of the typesetter attack although the forces were a bit even in the middle of the first act. Norris Cole and Eric understood each other well to increase the income of a very intense Unicaja in both areas of the field. The fourth ended with a couple of triples for each team and with the score 20-17 in favor of the people from Malaga in the electronics.

The second quarter began with little success on the part of both teams. Alberto Díaz was the most outstanding of a Unicaja that felt the pressure of needing the victory. Valencia Basket put the direct with a partial of two to eight thanks to two practically consecutive triples by Prepelic and Van Rossom that put Valencia Basket ahead for the first time four minutes from the end of the second quarter. Prepelic continued to do his thing, forcing Katsikaris to call a timeout. Unicaja did not react and also left the game. A foul on Eric ignited Carpena and the center, who ended up being sanctioned with a technique. He also repeated the sanction against the typesetter bench and Valencia Basket took the opportunity to break the score and win the break, (32-44). A partial from four to fifteen for the Taronja in the final stretch.

The dynamic continued after the break. Broken Unicaja and Valencia Basket causing blood whenever it could. The typesetter tried to connect with a triple by Norris Cole but Valencia responded quickly with another, the work of Rivero. The partial was already from eight to thirty, but those of Peñarroya did not stop. Unicaja’s statistics were very poor in many aspects, one of them being key as the rebounds. Katsikaris spoke of embarrassment in the timeout, but his players were still KO since the end of the second quarter. Labeyrie certified the passage to the last act with a perfect shot from the line of 6.75 that left the score at 48-66.

The last act began with an injury to Unicaja. Tim Abromaitis was unable to continue after twisting his ankle in a fortuitous action that took him out of the game. Everything was negative for the typesetter, incapable of lowering the score of the twenty point difference. A team from Malaga with a very low three-point percentage and no ideas in attack throughout the game. Those of Katsikaris threw the rest and began to approach vertiginously in the marker. Bouteille, Carlos Suárez, Brizuela and Carpena brought their team into the match. Katisikaris was sanctioned with the third technique of the match against the Malaga team after an elbow on Brizuela. Unicaja was placed five points a minute and a half from the end. It was rowing to drown on the shore in a clash that Valencia Basket deserved despite the final mistake.

Data sheet:

82 – Unibox (20+12+16+34): Norris Cole (16), Alonso (7), Bouteille (15), Barreiro (4), Eric (4) -starting quintet-, Abromaitis (5), Alberto Díaz (5), Brizuela (11), Nzosa (8) , Ruben Guerrero (0) and Carlos Suarez (7).

87 – Valencia Basket (17 + 17 + 22 + 21): Puerto (5), Prepelic (15), Van Rossom (9), Pradilla (6), Tobey (8) -starting quintet-, Dubljevic (2), Jiménez (0), Hermannsson (16), Rivero (10), López-Arostegui (-) and Labeyrie (8).

Referees: Benjamin Jimenez, Vicente Bultó and Alberto Baena.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 17 of the Endesa League, played at the José María Martín Carpena Sports Palace in front of 3,248 spectators.