The collection for this campaign is called “L’Albufera per semper”, and its great motivation is the 35 years of the Natural Park denomination together with the 35 years of Valencia Basket itself.

The players of our first teams Anna Gómez, Jaime Pradilla, Josep Puerto and Lorena Segura, as well as the players of L’Alqueria del Basket, Álex Bellver, Sandra Picazo and Pablo Simó, have served as models of a spectacular presentation in which the Designs have been unveiled aboard one of the traditional boats that usually take walks in L’Albufera.

Some designs that our teams will proudly wear on their kits both in Spain and in European competitions. The new t-shirts are already on sale both in the official stores of La Fonteta and L’Alqueria and through the online store.

After unveiling the new skin of the taronja team, all the attendees traveled by boat to the headquarters of El Tancat de L’Albufera, where the formal act of presentation of the kits with parliaments was held.

Surrounded by the models of the first teams and L’Alqueria del Basket, Víctor Luengo, director of institutional relations first teams, opened the event wanting to remember the figure of Vicente Solá, “who we know should be here giving the start of the event, and to whom we send a big hug in his recovery ”. The legendary captain Taronja wanted to emphasize that “we wanted to innovate, and at the same time we wanted to honor something not as new as L’Albufera, but very ours. Innovate without losing our roots, and I think we have succeeded, we are delighted with the result ”.

Next, Víctor Luengo gave Luanvi a commemorative painting for the 25 years of sponsorship with the club. The director of Luanvi, Vicente Tarancón, was grateful for the detail, and wanted to emphasize that “the truth is that they have cost us to make the kits, worse I think they have turned out really well. We did I don’t know how many color tests (laughs) but we managed to convey the spirit of L’Albufera in all the garments. We have gone over 21,000 garments, a symptom of how the club is growing and what Luanvi is growing. “

To close the event, Vidal Valle, owner of El Tancat de L’Albufera, wanted to “thank Valencia Basket for holding the event in our house, and the commitment to publicize and defend Albufera and its reality. Here we have boatmen and personalities who feel honored. It is very important to do actions like this, and I add my gratitude ”.

After the event, the players again showed the new kits closely to the attendees.

The event closed with a caterin of local products that was served by El Tancat de L’Albufera.

The motto of the Culture of Effort reaches the eleventh consecutive season occupying a preferential place in the center of the equipment of the Taronja entity, renewing the commitment of the Club and its Patron, for the dissemination of values ??that contribute to the sporting and human growth of Young.

This is how the new kits are!

The new designs of this season are explained by looking at the sky of L’Albufera. The home kit, where our classic taronja predominates, represents the colors of the sunset in the natural park. The last lines of light form an orange sky that falls to the sea.

The away kit, where cobalt blue predominates, shows the colors of our natural park with the first rays of the sun, that is, with the colors of sunrise, dawn.

The third kit, light pink in color, symbolizes the usual pink light in winter days, and that forms, together with the previous symbolized moments, spectacular landscapes

Water, boats and different gradients

The sun of L’Albufera is not the only protagonist of the kit. So are the sea and fishing boats. The bottom of each shirt, as well as the top of the pants, feature an intense blue stripe, the color of the sea. In addition, the sides of the shirts have a representation of the traditional boats of the natural park.

As a curiosity about the gradient, the national jerseys, that is, the Endesa League and the Endesa Women’s League, have up to 4 colors. For regulatory reasons, the European shirts, both taronja, blue and pink, which will be worn in Euroleague Women and Eurocup, will have 3 gradients on the shirt.

Valencia Basket will have the presence of multiple sponsors throughout all its kits, with the presence of travel companions such as Pamesa Cerámica, Pinturas Isaval, Midea Frigicoll, Puleva, Caixa Popular, Teika, Giticsa, CaixaBank, Gufresco or IMSKE, to those that the club wants to thank for their support in an exciting season.

Special thanks

Valencia Basket wants to thank in a special way all those workers, be they boatmen, farmers or fishermen from the surroundings of L’Albufera de València and who have helped make such an interesting idea possible. Starting with Vidal Valle, owner of El Tancat de L’Albufera, and going through Vicente Torrent “el tío Pastilla”, Rubén Puchades, Sebastián Bou “Sebastianet El Bola” and Manuel Marco “Manolín”.

First clothes on sale, discount for subscribers

Valencia Basket puts the first kits for next season on sale from today, which can now be obtained by entering our online store. All the products of the new season have a 10% discount for club subscribers, that is, for those who were subscribed in the 19-20 season.

From this moment you can buy the game shirt from 50 euros, from 45 if you are a Valencia Basket subscriber (that is, if you were the 2019-20 season), leaving the shirt at only 45 euros. From this moment you will have available the men’s and women’s first and second kit shirts, as well as the track shirt and the court sweatshirt, both with the colors of the first kit. If you wish, you can also buy the European kits, but you will have to wait to pick them up or for us to ship them to you until the end of July. For the first time in our history, the European women’s t-shirt is also on sale within the collection. This is the list of products and prices of the garments that go on sale today:

Special exit promotion

As an exit promotion, in addition to the 10% discount if you are a subscriber, if you buy the complete kit, shirt and pants, you will get a gift pack of 3 Valencia Basket and Luanvi masks.

In addition to in our online store from that moment, from tomorrow, Friday at 9:30 a.m., they will also be available physically in our stores in La Fonteta and L’Alqueria del Basket at the usual hours. As if that were not enough, this Saturday, if you have a ticket to watch the match of the Spanish Men’s National Team against Iran (16 hours) you can also stop by the store to buy your new shirt. For any questions related to the new shirts, do not hesitate to write to