Valencia BC’s path through this Eurocup has been immaculate, passing phases with greater or lesser difficulty. But the end of Szekszard it has been historic for its development and for the final result. An epic match, very even during the 40 minutes and resolved in an exciting last second.

With 79-80 in favor, the defense left Yvonne Anderson alone to the basket and scored an easy layup (81-80). With a second to play Queralt Casas tried an alley oop to Rachel Carrera, the youngest on the track. Reyer Venezia foul and two free throws to turn the scoreboard. With cold blood, and with a title at stake, the Galician scored to get a historic title.

The first quarter was for the Italians, who scored easily and took advantage of the nerves of those from Ruben Burgos, in his second finale of the season. The defeat at La Fonteta in the Copa de la Reina weighed on the atmosphere of the Valencian players. Bec allen He took center stage and drew on international experience to hold on to the meeting.

At the beginning of the third quarter came the most difficult moment (48-41) and the greatest advantage for the Italians. It was the moment Queralt Casas to flip the score (52-53) five minutes later. The final was still in the air until the last quarter.

There Valencia BC took the lead (70-75) with three minutes to go, and the title seemed to be closer. Reyer Venezia pressed on defense and equalized (77-77). A very difficult basket of Queralt Casas (77-79) was followed by another of Petronyte (79-79). Carrera scored a free throw and the basket came from Yvonne Anderson a second from the end. The final seemed lost … until it appeared Rachel Carrera…. And the title went to Valencia.