ANDn the night of return of the public to the San Luis Fountain in the ACB, Valencia Basket closed the regular league certifying the fourth place and securing the home court factor in the quarterfinal crossing of the playoffs. And he did it by beating a saved Urbas Fuenlabrada who gave a lot of war and who signed a great third quarter (96-76).


96.- Valencia Basket (24 + 27 + 12 + 33): Van Rossom (6), Vives (4), Kalinic (2), Williams (4), Tobey (12) -five starters- Prepelic (13), Pradilla (-), Labeyrie (11), Dubljevic (21), San Emeterio (-), Hermannsson (15) and Sastre (8).

76.- Urbas Fuenlabrada (23 + 17 + 24 + 12): Samar (7), Menidl (5), Eyenga (12), Cheatham (7), Alexander (4) -five starters- Diallo (18), Emegand (12), Trimble (11), González (-), Macoha ( -) and Bagayoko (-).

Referees: Perea, Martínez and González. Without eliminated.

Incidence: match corresponding to the last day of the regular phase of the Endesa League played in the Fonteta pavilion with a capacity reduced to 1,500 spectators due to the measures against COVID 19 and an attendance of about five hundred spectators.

It is impossible to escape Groundhog Day at La Fonteta. One more day, Jaume Ponsarnau’s team ended up taking a controlled game to the exchange of blows against an opponent who did not play anything. And it is that the advantage of 11 points at rest disappeared in the blink of an eye (51-40).

After a good first part in which the power under the boards Mike Tobey and Bojan Dubljevic It was the livelihood of the taronja, the story got complicated after passing through the changing rooms. And everything, because of Cheick Diallo and a game by Urbas Fuenlabrada that was close to excellence.

Diallo went down to 10 points and got huge in the paint. Loading rebounds, putting blocks and giving away spectacular actions, the Urbas Fuenlabrada center was the leader of a reaction that served to double the score for the set and to get ahead (63-64).

Doubts seized the Valencia Basket players before the moment of play of a Fuenla without pressure. And again, the taronja had to increase the pace to avoid a defeat that would jeopardize fourth place. And again, with the captain as the leader.

Bojan Dubljevic signed 6 consecutive points with a triple and a 2 + 1 that they threw at their team. In the last 5 minutes, Valencia Basket activated the roller mode to pass over Urbas Fuenlabrada and not give room for surprise. So much so that the final set was 33-12 and the difference was 20 points.

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