ANDhe Valencia Basquet, led by Klemen Prepelic, the thorn has been removed before a UCAM Murcia Basketball Club that this season had won at home in the first round of the Endesa League (86-91) and in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey (83-86) and finally the taronjas have prevailed by a hasty 71-72 at the Palacio de los Deportes in the capital of Segura in a match that They have almost always dominated but in which they have suffered until the end.

With this result, the taronja squad, fifth classified, reaches 16 wins in 24 games played, which is three more than the UCAM CBseventh, in the same number of games.

The clash was played with great intensity from the start with both teams fighting for each ball and with more activity than success (7-6 after four minutes).

The good work of Victor Claver was key in the first notable quarter of the clash, a 0-9 that made it go from 7-4 to 7-13, which led to Alonso Site to ask for his first time out.

The call to order from the local coach made his team react, who, back on the court, maintained their defensive tone to at least contain the momentum of Taronja and the quarter closed with a 13-17.

prepelic took over from carnation and the set trained by Joan Penarroya he had his maximum advantage up to that moment (13-20 with seven points in a row from the Slovenian).

It was then that Emanuel Cate emerged with rebounding, intimidation and ten points on five baskets in the area to lead the way for UCAM CB (23-24).

However, the visitors, based on triples from their tall men –Bojan Dubljevic, Claver and Jaime Pradilla-, they continued to be up on the scoreboard to the point of placing their advantage at 11 points in an instant (27-38 with a pat from Jasiel Rivero over the horn pointing the way to the changing rooms).

The greater offensive clairvoyance of the Valencians made them win despite the efforts of the university team, but at the beginning of the second half the extraordinary staging of the granas, with a partial 15-4 in just four minutes, already hinted which would be a long game (42-42 and 44-44).

prepelic He came to the rescue of the taronjas again and, with 19 points already for the Maribor team and a 5-16 run just when the visitors seemed most overwhelmed, they recovered the maximum lead at the end of the third period (49-60).

Isaiah Taylorthrowing the team on his back despite having spent the last few hours with a fever, once again made him believe that the victory of the UCAM CB was possible.

With six and a half minutes to go, the match was yet to be decided (61-63) and, after a phase of offensive blockage by both teams, within the last two minutes the draws followed one another at 65 and 68.

Valencia Basket, with Pradilla resolute and without prepelic on the track when he retired injured and with symptoms of pain in his left arm, he came close to victory but still taylor He had time to make the Murcians win. However, his triple desperately from nine meters and in the race did not enter and the victory went to the capital of the Turia.

Data sheet

71. UCAM Murcia Basketball Club (13+14+22+22): Taylor (19), Davis (4), Rojas (9), Webb (9) and Lima (8) -starting five-, Bellas (1), Radovic (4), McFadden (6), Cate (10) and Vasileiadis (1).

72. Valencia Basketball Club (17+21+22+12): Hermannsson (6), López-Arostegui (-), Claver (8), Pradilla (14) and Dubljevic (11) -initial team-, Puerto (-), Prepelic (19), Ferrando (1), Tobey (2) , Jimenez (-) and Rivero (11).

Referees: Jorge Aliaga Solé, Rafael Serrano Velázquez and Yasmina Alcaraz Moreno. Without eliminated.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the twenty-sixth day of the Endesa Basketball League that was played at the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia before 5,034 spectators.