Dfter assuming the bad taste of elimination in the Euroleague, Valencia Basket did not want to give room for surprise in the visit of Monbus Obradoiro to the Fuente de San Luis. Through a tremendous success in the shots of 2 (73%), those of Jaume Ponsarnau did not see the victory in jeopardy. Monbus Obradoiro clung to the talent of Steven Enoch (24 + 6), but it was insufficient against the Valencian offensive gale and missed the injured Kassius Robertson (97-82).

Between the ghosts of the return to the Eurocup and the rumors about the project for the next few years, Valencia Basket arrived on matchday 31 of the ACB. A victory in the last five games against a Monbus Obradoiro who had breathed after his triumphs against Acunsa GBC and against Baxi Manresa. On paper it seemed like a golden opportunity for Moncho Fernández’s men to surprise, but it would soon be seen that the opposite was going to happen.

The 92% accuracy in shots of 2 (13/14) in the first quarter was the best reflection of the offensive comfort of the Taronja against a Monbus Obradoiro who did not know where the points were fitting. Penetrations and trays on both sides of the court. And as if that were not enough, the triples began to fall to find a 15-point advantage. Although as usual, Moncho Fernández’s board played an important role in resuscitating his own.

He brought together Steven Enoch, Álex Suárez and Mike Daum and the three tall men did damage. With Suárez punishing in the corner, Monbus Obradoiro was able to open his attack and find offensive fluidity to warn that it would be difficult to knock him down (52-41). The good moment managed to extend it to a second half in which he came close to only 7 points after a basket from Kartal Ozmizrak.

But as soon as he saw the wolf’s ears, Derrick Williams and Klemen Prepelic got back on the ground. Despite the good work of Enoch, who did everything and everything well, Valencia Basket recovered the double digits of difference in their favor (77-64). The taronja had found a way not to suffer and got to win up to 18 points.

And despite the fact that Enoch continued to shine bordering on perfection and beating any defender, Valencia Basket was writing its second consecutive victory driven by free throws and, again, the baskets near the rim.

Data sheet:

97.- Valencia Basket (28 + 24 + 25 + 20): Van Rossom (2), Sastre (12), Kalinic (16), Williams (12), Tobey (10) -five starters- Prepelic (16), Pradilla (4), Labeyrie (7), Vives (15) and San Emeterio (3).

82.- Monbus Obradoiro (18 + 23 + 23 + 18): Ozmirak (8), Beliauskas (6), Czerapowicz (6), Cohen (-), Birutis (4) -five starters- Muñoz (4), Oliver (-), García (-), Enoch (24), Daum ( 19) and Suárez (11).

Referees: García González, Manuel and Merino. Without eliminated.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 31 of the regular phase of the Endesa League played at the Fuente de San Luis pavilion behind closed doors due to COVID 19 restrictions.

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