ORhe extraordinary performance of the Bosnian forward Dzanan Musa (33 points and 44 valuation) led this Sunday a great Río Breogán in the Fonteta against a Valencia Basket lacking intensity and consistency for 30 minutes that, when everything seemed lost, reacted, rallied 27 points and forced a tight finish in which Tyler Kalinoski was key for the Galician team not to lose their cool.

The locals faced this shock after more than a week without being able to train jointly due to several cases of covid-19 and without their coach Joan Peñarroya for that same reason.

Both teams started moving the ball very well, but Breogán scored much better. The home defense let Musa throw too comfortably and the Bosnian forward did and undone as he pleased to with the help of Rasid Mahalbasic open a first gap for the visitors (8-19, m.5).

Overcome at all times in aggressiveness by Paco Olmos’ team (applauded on his return to La Fonteta), Valencia lost confidence and could not activate Mike Tobey, which left him a few minutes without knowing how to attack. The return of Van Rossom gave calm to the locals but Breogán did not lose it, he raised his intensity one more point behind (with a very fast Eric Quintela of hands) and recovered part of the lost mattress.

With the ball back in Musa’s hands, Breogán retained control of the clash without too many complications because for Valencia Jaime Pradilla’s productivity was clearly insufficient to be able to aspire to compete for the win (36-50, m.20).

Valencia returned with a little more intensity but Breogán read well those desire that turned into precipitation and despite a couple of triples from Bojan Dubljevic he did not have too many problems to maintain and even increase his advantage from the hand of Tyler Kalinoski and again de Musa (46-65, m.26).

The Galician team started the last quarter with 25 rental points and a rival lacking any confidence in himself but who did not give up and who understood that there was a second match for the Copa del Rey in the ‘basket average’ and forgot the changing referee criteria.

Juan Maroto’s team raised the lines and with all the ballast they had achieved a 20-0 run in just four and a half minutes led by Prepelic, López-Arostegui and Hermannsson who without waiting got him into the fight for the match.

But Kalinoski broke the set with a triple and he and Trae Bell-Haynes managed to keep Breogán calm despite the pressure from the locals until the end and not without an unexpected suffering from Prepelic’s points, a victory that keeps very much alive in the fight for the Copa del Rey.

Data sheet:

97.- Valencia Basket (19 + 17 + 14 + 47): Van Rossom (6), Prepelic (24), Puerto (-), Labeyrie (2), Dubljevic (14) -five starters- Pradilla (10), López-Arostegui (17), Tobey (-) Jiménez (-), Hermannsson (19) and Rivero (5).

98.- River Breogán (29 + 21 + 25 + 23): Bell-Haynes (17), Kalinoski (18), Musa (33), Lukovic (13), Mahalbasic (10) -five starters- Sakho (3), Quintela (3) and Cruz (1).

Referees: García González, Iyán González and Fabio Fernández. They eliminated Quintela for personal fouls (m.40).

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 14 of the Endesa League regular phase played at the De la Fuente de San Luis pavilion before 3,728 spectators.

Via Marca.com