LValencia Basket achieved the goal of confirming third place. The team coached by Joan Peñarroya was about to blow a 14-point lead at the end of the third quarter. It would have been one more reason for revelry in a Fontes do Sar in which 4,967 spectators attended the party to celebrate the permanence of the Monbus Obradoiro, but also to say goodbye to a myth of Spanish basketball. At 43 years old and linked since he was 6 years to the sport of the basket, Albert Oliver set foot on a basketball court for the last time as a professional athlete. The team from Santiago paid the well-deserved tribute to the point guard from Egar, whose career can be defined by the collection of decisive baskets achieved. Former player of Joventut, Lleida, Manresa, Estudiantes, Gran Canaria and Betis, fate would have it that in his last game it was two of his teams that faced each other.

On the parquet, the fact that only one of the two teams had something at stake meant that, despite the fact that Monbus Obradoiro competed and clung to the match, there were too many phases of disconnection and exaggerated partial exchanges in one direction and another . That need weighed more at the beginning, and Dubljevic’s good work under the basket, and even from the perimeter, opened the first gap (8-17). Only a very energetic Álex Suárez woke up the Santiago team from the first nap, which he connected to the duel with two consecutive triples after three minutes without a single basket.

With 4:45 remaining in the first quarter, Fontes do Sar got back on their feet. Albert Oliver went out to the center of the track, and in an emotional speech he thanked all the fans of the league for the treatment received. In addition, he received from the president of Monbus Obradoiro, Raúl López, a commemorative shirt for the 675 matches played. For his part, Valencia Basket presented him with another gift from Víctor Claver, to whom Oliver handed over the captaincy when he left the orange discipline in 2009.

Valencia Basket gained a nine point lead in the first quarter, an advantage that they managed to maintain and increase in the second. Once again, Álex Suárez, with his third three-pointer, pulled the plug on a Monbus Obradoiro stuck in attack (25-37). With 2:43 to rest, Albert Oliver entered the track. In his first action, he assisted for Robertson to reduce the difference to nine points (36-45), while in the second he rebounded and assisted for Thomas Scrubb (42-48).

The many decisive third quarter proved the only team that needed to win right. Valencia Basket found the way from the perimeter, to the point of starring in a bombardment. Víctor Claver signed the last of the three consecutive triples to break the duel (47-60), while with a minute to go Hanlan increased the distance (58-74) to an almost insurmountable level. The Monbus Obradoiro, meanwhile, stayed afloat with a good Thomas Scrubb.

The local team seemed to want to invite one last comeback, which with a 21-4 run in five minutes managed to turn the situation around and even get ahead on the scoreboard (79-78). Curiously, and despite the fact that Valencia Basket had it in their hands, it was tied at the last minute, in which Dubljevic was key with four points. Phil Scrubb had two shots to force overtime, but Sar ended the regular season with smiles on both teams’ faces.