ANDhe Valencia Basket, with a masterful Bojan Dubljevic – he scored 26 points and reached a PIR of 24 in the 23 minutes he was on the court -, has prevailed with authority in Murcia by 66-80 and has his fourth consecutive victory in the Endesa League , something he has done by beating a rival who had precisely four wins in a row but who he beat from start to finish with only some doubts on the part of Taronja at the start of the game and the second half.

The match, which both coaches faced with two bases in their starting quintets -Tomás Bellas and Isaiah Taylor on the premises and Sam Van Rossom and Guillem Vives on the visitors- began with many errors and the proof of this is that after almost six minutes the scoreboard reflected a meager tie at seven.

From then on, the granas gave a small stretch (14-9), but the taronjas soon managed to compress the score to reach the end of the first quarter just one point behind (16-15) and the feeling that both they could give so much more of themselves.

The trend was maintained in the second period and each team had a hard time scoring, something strange for two teams with many points in their players.

Dubljevic woke up Jaume Ponsarnau’s team, who took an eight-point lead (20-28) after a 2 + 1 from the Montenegrin center and a triple from Joan Sastre.

UCAM CB, failing almost made baskets, was also faced with the added problem that Augusto Lima, their best interior defender, was placed with four personal fouls in just 15 minutes.

Sito Alonso, with a time-out and briefly entering Jordan Davis, who reappeared after leaving the coronavirus behind – the guard was only on the track for 1 minute and 36 seconds – wanted to change the trend of the crash but did not succeed. In fact, Valencia Basket stretched its income to 14 goals (22-36, 24-38, 26-40 and 28-42) that finally reached 16 at halftime (28-44).

The 12-29 quarter in those ten minutes was devastating and put those from the capital of Turia lined up to achieve victory.

With Lima on the track after intermission, UCAM CB was more determined and more successful, which led him to score a 10-0 in favor in just a minute and a half and thus got fully into the game again. the meeting (38-44).

The granas came within two points after a triple by Bellas (44-46), but Van Rossom appeared there to give air to his team and put the Valencian advantage back in the double digits (44-54) and the distance was was maintaining in the following minutes with Dubljevic once again imparting his teaching -22 points carried his signature to the passage of the meeting by minute 30-.

In the last quarter he entered with a 53-64 and one more basket from “Dubi” to appease the spirits of Murcia. Again in a period with little scoring, the initiative was clearly Ponsarnau’s (57-71 with five minutes to play) and their victory was not in danger.

Dubljevic saw the closing stages from the bench after having scored his highest score of the season. He was, without a doubt, the main protagonist of a clash in which UCAM CB, despite clearly dominating the rebound (41-29), was hampered by losses, as the university students accumulated 16 for their opponent’s five, who he took much better care of the ball and that often pays off.

Data sheet:

66. UCAM Murcia Basketball Club (16 + 12 + 25 + 13): Bellas (10), Taylor (4), Rojas (12), Webb (8) and Lima (4) -starting five-, Radovic (10), Cate (12), Strawberry (2), Vasileiadis (4) and Davis (-).

80. Valencia Basket Club (15 + 29 + 20 + 16): Van Rossom (9), Vives (-), Kalinic (5), Williams (4) and Tobey (7) -starting five-, Labeyrie (1), Prepelic (4), Dubljevic (26), Hermannsson (11) and Sastre (12), Pradilla (1) and Puerto (-).

Referees: Óscar Perea Lorente, Jorge Martínez Fernández and Joaquín García González. They eliminated local Lima for five personal fouls in the 28th minute.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the thirty-fourth day of the Endesa Basketball League that was played without an audience at the Palacio de los Deportes in Murcia.