In this way, the renewable energy company from Castellón will once again appear as one of the main sponsors of the tile club in the current season. With the recent renovation, Valfortec has been one of the club’s reference sponsors for more than a decade. The president of the Castellón sports entity, Luis García, stated that he felt “very satisfied to renew the sponsorship contract with a company as deeply rooted in the club as Valfortec, which has already been supporting us for fifteen seasons”. In addition, he also wanted to emphasize that “it is important to have a highly prestigious company such as Valfortec”.

On the other hand, from the business organization, Fidel Roig also showed his joy by extending the sponsorship for another year. This reflected that “both the club and the organization have been walking hand in hand for several years, since there is a correlation of shared values ??and that is important”.

One of the actions included in the sponsorship contract is to wear the Valfortec brand on one of the front legs of the first team pants. This action has been implemented since the start of the competition in which TAU Castellón plays, the LEB Oro. The Valfortec brand is also visible in other different communication media that the team implements on a daily basis, from billboards on the field to the rear photocall for the press conference.

The link between Valfortec and sport is nothing new, since the company has been supporting clubs from different sports disciplines such as Nados Castellón in swimming or TAU Castelló itself in basketball since practically its origins.




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