ANDhe Movistar Estudiantes won a balsamic victory in overtime due to their delicate situation in the classification in a match in which they always believed in victory against a Casademont Zaragoza that, with this unexpected defeat, sees their options to approach the squares of play off.

The Zaragozans played in spades and ended up paying for their indolence in defense, where they gave numerous rebounds to the students, up to a total of 18, who did not stop believing at any time in their chances of taking their eighth victory of the season despite who were almost always behind on the scoreboard, until in overtime they ended up dismantling the locals.

Two consecutive three-pointers by Brussino allowed the Zaragozans to start the game with a certain calm, against a Madrid team that was surprised by the success of their rival and that it took a few minutes to take the pulse of the confrontation.

Those of Jota Cuspinera found in JJ Barea the man to give the ball to in difficult moments and with his success prevented the rojillos from opening a gap on the scoreboard.

Sergio ‘Oveja’ Hernández’s men played in bursts and alternated moments of inspiration, especially with their triple throws, with others of precipitation and lack of concentration that did not allow them to clearly gain control of the game.

The Madrilenians did not give up in their efforts and in the second quarter they came out more in tune before a Casademont that did not finish focusing on the shock and surpass their adversary.

The final moments were those that allowed the locals, with three consecutive triples, one from Brussino and two from Sulaimon, to caress for the first time (49-40) the barrier of ten points of advantage, although they finally went to rest with seven points in their favor (51-44).

The two teams staged a vibrant resumption of the clash after passing through the dressing room and the Zaragozans, a little more successful than their adversary, even managed to exceed ten points of difference (57-46).

The rojillos did not take long to return to their old ways in their precipitation to give air to a Madrid team that did not lower their arms at any time and that ended up even getting ahead (64-65). The people of Zaragoza could not focus on their actions and paid for it by leaving their rival alive again and again.

It was increasingly difficult for the Aragonese to have clear ideas against an opponent who did not give up in their fight and who continually snatched balls, especially in attack rebounds to have second shot options.

The game entered a phase where anyone could win and a triple by Brown evened the score with 30 seconds left in a final in which the students even had the option to score for the victory.

In extra time the problems of the locals continued to accentuate so that their rival, much more focused, ended up with a clear victory despite having almost always been in tow in the 45 minutes of play.

Data sheet:

104 – Casademont Zaragoza (24 + 27 + 22 + 19 + 10): San Miguel (4), Ennis (18), Brussino (29), Wiley (4) and Harris (23) -starting five- Hlinason (1), Sulaimon (6), Benzing (5), Barreiro (14) and Justiz .

113 – Movistar Students (18 + 26 + 28 + 22 + 19): Barea (18), Avramovic (23), Brown (11), Delgado (12) and Vicedo (7) -starting five- Djurisic (11), Gentile (3), Jackson (13), Arteaga (6), Roberson ( 9) and Solá.

Referees: Cortés, Oyón and Olivares. Arteaga was excluded by five personnel in the 39th minute.

Incidents: match corresponding to matchday 27 of the Endesa League played at the Príncipe Felipe de Zaragoza pavilion.

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