Sam van rossom is living its ninth season in the Valencia Basket. Since it came from Saragossa Back in 2013, the Belgian guard has only worn the orange jersey. Today, a ACB and two Eurocup complete the taronja record of a Van Rossom who wants more.

Speaking to MARCA, Van Rossom explains what makes him remain so linked to Valencia and the way in which keeps hunger competitive: “The club is ambitious, it wants to grow and also get and stay in the top positions. It is one of the most beautiful projects in Europe. And of course, everything that the city and the quality of life entail that I have found here. There are many reasons that keep me here “.

That ambition continues to be linked to Van Rossom, who this Saturday faces the fight for a new title: the Endesa Super Cup. The first rival will be Barça. Undoubtedly, a premiere in style for a Van Rossom who is not afraid of the culé transatlantic: “We have to continue in the same line of this preseason and be aware only of our game and work. We still have a lot to improve, a new coach, a new system and we also need to recover injured players. But we are going to give everything as we always do. We are going to play with intensity and we will see if it is enough to beat Barça right now or not. “

The club is ambitious and has one of the most beautiful projects in Europe

Sam Van Rossom, Valencia Basket base

That new coach is Joan Peñarroya. The ex of Burgos has landed on the right foot in the locker room: “So far, I think things are going quite well for us. We are still in preseason and working on things, but there is a good feeling between the coach and the players. We have not been able to count on all the players and that limits us when it comes to working, but little by little they will get involved and with Joan’s philosophy we will grow and take steps forward “.

The arrival of Joan Peñarroya represents a change on the bench after three seasons with Jaume ponsarnau in charge of the Valencia Basket projects. With the change, Van Rossom appreciates the ease offered by the new game systems: “Each coach has his philosophy and I have not met two who were exactly the same in the game, in the treatment … With Joan, the demand on the court is very high, but he has a game system that is not very difficult to assimilate. In addition, it offers us many options and gives us freedom to play. And off the court he understands the player very well. He has a very humane treatment. “

We still have a lot to improve. We will see if it is enough to beat Barça right now or not

Sam Van Rossom, Valencia Basket base

The project led by Joan Peñarroya from the bench begins with the step back to the Eurocup. And although Van Rossom misses the Euroleague And just think about coming back, you don’t want to set the bar too high: “We would all like to play it because it is the highest European competition, but this is the situation we have. I can’t talk about titles because we play against other teams that want the same as you. We cannot think that by returning to the Eurocup we are going to win it. Look at Partizan Yet the Virtus… With the quality we have, we will have options. But many things can happen that we can’t always control. “

Valencia Basket has already experienced several matches with the public. The last one, in the Fonteta against Gran canaria in the presentation of the men’s and women’s teams. The return to normalcy is closer and closer, something that Van Rossom also appreciates: “We are going to have fewer games and the truth is that last year was very hard in many ways: the Euroleague, many games, the pandemic, the absence of public … There was not much life next to basketball. On a mental level, last season was for many the toughest we have experienced. And gradually recovering normality is going to help us a lot. “

Peñarroya offers us many options and gives us freedom to play. And he understands the player very well. It has a very humane treatment

Sam Van Rossom, Valencia Basket base

And between basketball, training sessions and games, the Valencia Basket base this year has a teacher role. Because of the casualties, l’Alqueria del Basket He has had a lot of prominence in this preseason and he will have it in official games. And among the young players stands out the name of Guillem Ferrando.

The base of the taronja quarry has been one of the most prominent in these preparation matches and Van Rossom has not hesitated when it comes to offering private lessons: “I try to help him as much as I can and if I see things that could improve I tell him. Besides, Guillem is a very open boy to talk about these things. year working with him and we have a very good relationship. We share a position and I try to help you in what I can to take it to a higher level “.