ANDhe Valencia Basket, driven by Sam Van Rossom and with a good contribution from Víctor Claver in his debut in his new stage at the club, beat BAXI Manresa on Tuesday, who dominated many minutes but could not contain the scoring power of his opponent at the decisive moment of the match.

It was the second Valencian victory and the third Catalan defeat in as many preseason matches.

In a clash that started with inaccuracies on both sides, Thomasson’s three-pointers gave Manresa a first lead, but, little by little, Valencia balanced the clash and then opened the gap with a pair of 3-pointers from Bojan Dubljevic.

Claver played his first game in his second spell at Valencia.
Claver played his first game in his second spell at Valencia.TWITTER VALENCIA BASKET

The points of the Nigerian Chima Moneke and Rafa Martínez allowed Pedro Martínez’s team to reengage on the scoreboard and two triples from Janis Berzins and one more from Dani Pérez tightened the match to the maximum (39-38, m. 16). It was finally one more additional basket from the Latvian that allowed Manresa to go into halftime ahead (41-42, m.20).

In the resumption, Valencia recovered their pulse from the 6.75 line, but they lacked other offensive arguments that Manresa did have and that allowed them to enter the last set with a minimal advantage (58-60, m.30 ).

But Van Rossom’s three-pointers helped Valencia to turn around the crash again and endure, helped by Claver and Dubljevic, a small income, despite the attempts of Sylvain Francisco to try to avoid another defeat for his team this preseason.

Data sheet:

88.- Valencia Basket (22 + 19 + 17 + 30): Hermannsson (10), Puerto (12), Claver (11), Pradilla (8), Rivero (9) -five starters- Van Rossom (18), Jiménez (3), Ferrando (3), Dubljevic (14), Bressan (-), Vila (-) and Bellver (-).

81.- BAXI Manresa (25 + 17 + 18 + 21): Dani Pérez (8), Thomasson (8), Berzins (9), Maye (12), Bako (12) -five starters- Rafa Martínez (8), Moneke (8), Francisco (7), Jou (-), Steinbergs (-), Valtonen (4) and Sima (5).

Referees: Padrón, Baena and Martínez Silla. They eliminated Maye (Manresa) and Pradilla (Valencia).

Incidents: friendly match played in the Tarragona town of Salou before about three hundred spectators.