The president of Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma has commented on the situation in which the team is after the injury of Milan Suskavcevic pointing to the work that is being done to be able to incorporate a new player to the squad. “Those of us who know the player market know that if there is something scarce and very difficult to obtain, it is ‘5’. We are analyzing options and we do not rule out that Joel could be Joel’s substitute because we believe that he can do it well and be able to expand the margin to have a possible ‘4’. The economic resources are rather scarce and it is not easy but there are some options and we are going to try to make it happen this week so that we can see it in action at the Illes Balears Trophy “


Víctor Moreno wanted to thank “the coaches and directors for the opportunity to be here” noting that “having the opportunity to come to a LEB Gold club to show that I can play in this category after several seasons playing in LEB Silver is something that I like and I will do my best to have a good season and help the team ”.

The ex of Hestia Menorca has been asked about his goals this season and the comparison, in terms of similarities of the moment of arrival at the club, with Pol Figueras, current captain of Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma. “Every situation is different, although it is true that he was playing in LEB Oro and he did not have the importance that he is having here. It is a similar situation perhaps. I hope to settle in the category and have a good year. I think I’m ready for it and I’m happy for the opportunity to be here ”, explained the player born in Alcorcón.

On the youth of the staff Moreno has pointed out: “It is a different bet to what is usually seen in the category. We are a young team but last year it went well and I think that if we continue working as we are doing that individual growth of the players will go hand in hand with the growth of the team “adding later, on the objective of the season that” we must go step by step. We are a young team and we don’t set long-term goals, we have to go step by step and when the league starts we’ll see where we are ”.


For his part, Kostas Kostadinov has acknowledged feeling very grateful for the opportunity to continue growing in his career. “The move from Junior to Senior is difficult and that is why I am very grateful to this club that is going to give me the opportunity to do so. It will be to go from being a boy to a man. These first weeks of preseason have been tough but we have been improving and I think we will start the season well.

Regarding the work that the team is doing, Kostadinov pointed out that “that is what we are working on these weeks. We are a young team and joining together is going to be much easier because we are all the same or similar age and it will be easier than if there were more difference. ”Regarding the objectives for this season, Kostadinov pointed out that“ the idea is to arrive as high possible. We are a team that can compete well and improve both as a player and as a person ”. The Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma player also referred to the situation experienced these weeks with the confinement of several players and the injury of Milan Suskavcevic. “It has been hard but with the physical trainers and coaches we have worked to be able to arrive in the best conditions at work with the team and then with Milan it has also been hard.”


Finally, Amadi Ikpeze explained his first sensations debuting in Spanish basketball, noting that “the first weeks have been very good. From the first day I arrived I have seen that the coaches, the staff and the teammates have that mentality of working hard morning and afternoon. ” and that “we are working on having that chemistry both on the track and in the gym. The idea is to work and be better every day ”.

As for what he expects from this season, Ikpeze has acknowledged feeling “grateful and happy” for the opportunity to play in Spain. “I trust the team a lot. We are a young team and we have that mentality of working every day and improving ”, said Amadi Ikpeze, who has opted to“ maintain that mentality ”to continue growing. “We will win games or lose them, but as long as we continue to work the way we do, we will have a chance to win. I have been able to verify that this group is a group of players who work to improve and grow every day ”.

With the injury of Milan Suskavcevic, Ikpeze has remained as the only natural ‘five’ of the team although the North American player assumes the challenge of being that reference in the paint for Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma. “The first thing I want to say is that both my teammates and I are very sorry for Milan’s injury. Injuries are a part of the game and when you are in a young team you have to have that mentality of growing up in the face of adversity. If one of your teammates is injured, you grow and work harder to help the team. What I have to do is work, do what the coaches tell me and do everything on my part to help the team by doing my job and what Milan, unfortunately, will not be able to do due to his injury ”.

Ikpeze has reiterated the idea that the team “will improve every day” for its youth and has ensured that the goal is “to be as high as possible.”


Before the presentation of the players, the presentation of the renewal of the agreement between Conectabalear and Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma by which the Manacor company will continue, for the fourth year, linked to the team took place in the Son Moix press room Balearic. “We are very happy to continue with you. We want this union to be as long as possible and as a club and representative of Mallorcan sport, in this case, I must also thank you for your involvement in sport. It is something very important and I hope many companies would do it “, said Guillermo Boscana, referring to Joan Miquel, CEO of Conectabalear, who, for his part, commented:” Four years ago we started the collaboration and we are very happy and satisfied to collaborate with a club elite and with others. We want to help promote the values ??that sport transmits both at the highest level and at the grass roots ”, wishing Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma“ that your injuries respect you and that the results continue to arrive ”.

For Miquel, the commitment to Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palma was clear. “Our idea, when we collaborate with a club, is to bet on values ??that sport transmits and that as a company we have, which are effort, dedication and perseverance. It is a club that has been up with more or less luck for a long time and the important thing is to maintain that idea of ??being a club that not only seeks to achieve victory in any case, although it is clear that in this case it is also important ”.