ANDl Lenovo Tenerife and Txus Vidorreta will continue hand in hand until the end of the 2023-24 season, after sealing an agreement to extend the relationship that united them for one more campaign until the end of the 2022-23 academic year.

The coach acknowledges that he is “very happy with the confidence that the club continues to show in our work”. “The complicity that has existed since my arrival is maintained. That when I still had a year left on my contract, the club proposed an extension to me months ago is an example of that,” he explains.

“I am very happy because we are going to be able to work for two more seasons with a block that works, in an ascending line of work, and with a good connection, which is key to being successful,” commented the head of the Canary Islands bench.

“The balance is extraordinary. I have been able to participate in three of the four titles in recent years, we have played in the semifinals of the Cup and the ACB, we have participated in the Super Cup by sporting right, so the balance is fantastic”, he assures.

The aurinegro coach has emphasized how satisfied he is working at the canarista club and the teamwork that has always marked his relationship with the entity. “Confidence has still increased even since my return,” he said.

“I think we make a great team, both the Board of Directors, as well as Aniano from the Management and Sporting Directorate, my assistants, players and Club employees. I think we are on a good line that goes with my idea of ??teamwork and group. And that is what has made us have good results and success in recent seasons” he confessed.

Asked about the immediate future of the team, Txus made reference to the fact that “the line is the right one, the team is ready for a while; this group of players is very committed and has enough quality to continue fighting alongside the best”.

“In addition,” he added, “we will logically try to give it the necessary touch-ups, but we are on a good line and when things work you have to consider what you can improve, but not big changes. And, in this sense, that is the goal for the next few weeks,” he said.

His aurinegro numbers

Txus Vidorreta accumulates a total of 305 official matches on the aurinegro bench, in two different stages.

With him at the helm, the Canarian team has won two #BasketballCL titles (2016-17 and 2021-22) and an Intercontinental Cup (2020); a European runner-up (2018/19); five presences in the final phase of the Copa del Rey, three of which lasted until the semifinals (Madrid 2019, Madrid 2021 and Granada 2022); four classifications for the series for the ACB title, including the F12 of 19/20; and a third place in the Endesa League, this being the best aurinegra classification of all time in the elite.

The 305 official matches of Txus are distributed in 203 of the Endesa League between the regular phase and series for the title; eight from Copa del Rey; 90 of #BasketballCL and two of the Intercontinental Cup, for a total balance of 197 wins, one draw (in BCL) and 107 losses.

Seventh in the historical ranking of coaches with the most matches directed in the Endesa League, he has accumulated 203 ACB matches as a canarista, with a balance of 124 joys and 79 defeats.

Vidorreta is also the coach who has won the most games (68) in the history of the #BasketballCL, all of them for aurinegro. His record in FIBA ??Europe’s top continental club competition is exactly 68 wins, one draw and 21 losses for a track record that includes, as main achievements, two titles and one runner-up; in addition to two other appearances in Finals Eight.